Some thoughts on why Google versions of Android will never have good battery performance

Having used Google’s Android versions in the past, and while testing the battery performance of my FP2 with FP Open and learning about Android’s doze mode and Greenify’s Agressive Doze, it came to my mind that battery performance with standard Google Android systems will always be bad despite all supposed upgrades in the most recent versions of the system, simply because, well, Google’s business model is incompatible with correct and efficient battery management. Google wants to know as much as possible about your behaviors therefore it will make sure that the phone will phone home very frequently, or will transmit significant amounts of information once the phone wakes from a doze period. All this activity obviously has a very high battery cost which can’t be avoided under Google’s modus operandi. It’s evident that the only way to have a really performing battery is to go Googleless. :muscle: :fist:

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