Some apps using microphone seem not to be able to do so

I noticed this with two apps until now. One is a guitar tuner gStrings the other is Merlin bird recognition, Both need access to mic and it is granted in settings. With both when running the mic is in use symbol shows up, but no signal seems to reach the apps.
Merlin crashes after time then. Tried reinstalling them, no avail.

The same problem is reported by another user of Merlin at playstore, so I seem to be not alone with it.

Other apps have no problem there Birdnet (another bird recognizer), other tuners work.

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Hi bimbam and welcome to the community forum.

In the first instance I think it would be advisable to contact the publishers of these apps, since you’re obviously not alone in having problems (I read quite a few of the reviews on Google Play). (gString) - the publisher’s website is unavailable, which doesn’t look very good to me.

You could also contact official Fairphone support directly about these problems and get their advice. Click > contactsupport < for more info.

I reported the problem with Merlin on October 1. I haven’t heard anything back yet.

For Merlin, my workaround is to record with Audio Recorder app (from FDroid), then import into Merlin. And then add location.
This is not a fun workaround, but it works.

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