Software version Hazelnut 1.7

1.7 will not be pushed to the earlier devices! This topic exists to gather knowledge about the 1.7 update which came preinstalled on the devices shipped from mid-November on.

If you not find a solution to your problem in the forum and have OS version 1.7 installed, please post here.

You can find out your software version by opening the app Fairphone Updater.

Is there a list of changes for the 1.7 update? Or more importantly, for the 1.8 update?


We’ve not been given a changelog for v1.7, but I know we will get one for v1.8 when it is finalised.

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Ja, just copying my issue from another topic:
After updating to Cherry 1.6 oder Chenpi 1.5 the Google App Store is unrecoverably gone, as it seems.
I do not know what to do.

Did you reinstall the Google apps installer after your update?

Unfortunately this does not seem to be possible. The Google apps installer stays being greyed out. I already restarted the phone and deleted the OS files. The issues has been posted here as well, I think: Restarts, reboot, but still problems with google play

Hi there,
Even after following the procedure to get the google installer back, the widget stays being greyed out and there is no Play Store available on my phone (Second batch, got just a week ago)
I followed
-How to re-install the App Store
-I can’t reinstall the App Store after updating to Cherry 1.6 (Widget stays “grey”). What can I do?

The Updater says that I am using Hazelnut 1.7

I tried to update to the Chenpi 1.5 version, but same same.

I really would like to avoid a hard reset of my phone … What can I do?


Since your phone said Hazelnut 1.7 (does it say 1.5 now???), I suggest you contact support directly. At the moment there is not much knowledge in the forum about FP OS 1.7 because it was only shipped with a few devices in the last weeks (Nov. '14).

Thank you. I did contact the support, but obviously it takes some time for an answer. Maybe life´s better without G`s app store …

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@Nick12 I moved our posts here. Please post back here, when you hear from support.

It’s odd that it offers the possiblity to “upgrade” to version 1.5 if you’re running 1.7

So, when exactly is 1.8 coming? Any news? And any estimates for KitKat or Lollipop?

V1.8 “should” be available within a few weeks, but don’t quote me on that. It will be out as soon as it has been finalised.

@Jerry - The updater app shows all versions available, so it is possible to downgrade, rather than upgrade

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I thought Cherry would be something completely different than Hazelnut
… Those names are confusing. When I tried in install Cherry, was it
actually a downgrade?
Are Chenpi, Cherry and Hazelnut all the same Fairphone OS but different
versions. The next one could be Cranberry?
Keywords like upgrade or downgrade would be very helpful than … :wink:

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But doesn’t it say Hazelnut 1.7??? So I think it is obvious that 1.6 is a downgrade.

You might know that … but no, I don’t think apple 1 is necessarily a downgrade of pear 2. And I have studied languages ;). Besides, the window with all the versions is called updater.

Nevertheless, I obviously tried to install these downgrades but I keep having hazelnut, and the installer is still unavailable and now the touch screen starts behaving weird …

Well forget the silly fruit names then :wink:

So your updater keeps saying 1.7?

There are some threads regarding weird touchscreen behavior, so have a look around, hopefully it is not a hardware failure!

The names like Almond, Cherry, Hazelnut are just development names for the updates of the same OS. The version number is what indicates the order in which things were released.

Where I work, we also use such development names for updates, because when we start working on an update of our product, we can’t be sure of the order in which things are going to be released (a more important fix may be released before the release we start working on). We’ve used names of minerals, names of currencies and currently, ahem, names of Pokémon (not my idea). Once an update is finished, we tag that update with a version number and that’s what it’ll be released as. The development name is never communicated to the outside world (which is why we can get away with using names of Pokémon ;)). Apparently FairPhone sticks to keeping the name but yeah, that can sometimes lead to confusion I guess.


I could not agree more about losing the names for updates, one of my pet hates in the entire industry.
Fingers crossed 1.8 fixes the touch screen issue, I’d really like to start using this phone again.

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