Software update: FP4.TP25.C.095.20231219

Yesss (A1 network, Austria)

I had email correspondence with FP support about this and received contradictory statements.
In the first reply, I was told that FP can withhold updates for certain providers.
In a second reply, I was told that it is not FP but the provider that withholds the updates.
The provider in turn denies this.

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And which source of information do you trust more?


Superimposed 40% battery life in the pull down menu.

EDIT: LDAC was not working and "normal cnnection was flaky.
Workaround: Unpair, restart, new pair process.

And Bluetooth audio is broken again for me.
I hate the original firmware.
I’m going to flash EOS soon, if this doesn’t stop

What exactly is not working with BT Audio? For me LDAC works fine with a Soundcore Liberty Air2 Pro

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Okay. Edited the original post.

It was just working without LDAC with my Sony WF-1000XM4
Had this every second patch. I have it on my “new update checklist”

My experience in the last 6-9 months just declined hard and I was assuming it was just broken again.
Like the 5g connectivity or the ghost inputs which were quiet severe in 2 patches…

But you are correct. Its not broken and I should have checked more thoroughly.
Thank you for nudging me in the right direction

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At least there is one problem less :wink:

Another update with my recent experiences: A lot more apps seem to have lost their permissions. Among them also F-Droid which lost permission as an installation source. As I do updates from F-Droid regularly, it’s also unlikely that this was because it was “unused”. Very strange… :thinking:

I do not believe it is the unused feature. I would rather say, this was caused by some sync of the play services by Google as this happened to me before the update. And yes, F-Droid lost the installation permission as well as Solid Explorer and some other apps.

Thanks for the additional information! So it might only be indirectly related to the OS update as the play services update happened for me right when I restarted for the first time.

That is irrelevant.
The fact is that my FP4 does not receive regular updates.
However, my wife’s Samsung Galaxy A53 gets regular updates.
Both phones use the same provider.
So the fault must ultimately lie with Fairphone.
If the updates don’t come regularly in the future, I will sell my FP. I didn’t buy a new phone just to walk around with open 0day security gaps.

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The provider has to do their part as well to ensure everything works and is supportd, and you cant compare Samsung vs Fairphone. You could compare Samsung X vs Samsung Z with the exact same Software, else you cant compare this.

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can you explain please? What’s the part of the provider? I would like to confrontate him with it.

Why can’t I compare it with Samsung?

Fact is: I want a Smartphone with closed 0day exploits.

At the end of the day it looks like I can get this with a Samsung phone but not with a Fairphone.

So what?

Please explain, why I can’t compare and where are the differences.
Both phones, Samsung of my wife and my FP4 are supported devices and should get security updates immediatly.

TNX, Helmut

Two differnet companies, two different OS and so on…

My FP gets regular updates, so if yours repeatedly not, then I would not directly point fingers at FP. Provider test updates and approve them.

And at the end we are repeating discussions that will not help you with your frustration.

Yes, I have contacted my provider. He claims that he does not block updates.

If nobody can help me, I have to switch to a phone that gets the updates as expected.

What shall I do else?

BR, Helmut

Dear @heli
I can only imagine your frustration, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience.
I am not sure however what you might expect to hear here - as this is a community forum.

There have been some requests expressed on behalf of the community for Fairphone to communicate exlusions for updates in a better way, please see here

I guess there are reasonable reasons to switch to samsung, especially as they seem to boost up the length of their support for the newest phone, and definitely no one would stop you from taking this path. Is the update policy the main reason that brought you to Fairphone?


I am not sure however what you might expect to hear here - as this is
a community forum.

I was in contact with FP support too. But they respond very slowly.

Above all, I expect honesty.

  • FP support claims, that they do not hold back updates
  • Yesss (A1) claims, that they do not hold back updates (see email
    from Yesss below)

So why don’t they arrive here?

I really did everything I was told on the FP forum and from FP support.
And now? What do you expect from me?
Should I just accept the fact that a newly purchased smartphone rarely
receives updates even though new updates are supposedly released every

It would be customer-friendly if Fairphone and Yesss (A1) were to
discuss this problem bilaterally. Then the problem would certainly be
solved quickly.

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See Google Play Services removes special permissions regularly