Software update: FP4.TP25.C.095.20231219

The new update is there. Did anyone else already install it?

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Release Notes are already online:

Fairphone OS version C.095

Release date: 16th Jan 2024
Android version: 13
Software Version: FP4.TP25.C.095
Security Patch Level: 5th December 2023


  • An issue that was causing the screen to freeze and/or not turn on correctly in certain conditions has been fixed.
  • An issue that was causing the Wi-Fi Calling option to grey out after rejecting a call has been fixed.
  • The option to show the network name on the Status bar has been made available again.

My update went well. Also re-rooting was very smooth.

In case you need the boot images that are still missing from Fairphone 4 - Kernel Source Code — FAIRPHONE open source documentation for the past two release plus this one, please PM me. I am happy to share the ones I created


The update didn’t show automatically. So I check the app Settings, System, System update and there I did a Check for update. And so I could updated. It went smootly.
If one can update is of couse dependently on your SIM provider.

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The option is there, but at least for me (system language german, completely standard configuration) the network is not shown even after restarting the phone.

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Link to the, stock boot.img and a magisk-boot.img as usual.

Have fun :nerd_face:


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Please discuss the network name issue in the corresponding topic not here.

Läufts :slight_smile: , Thank you!

The update only appeared today for me (Orange FR) and went smoothly, except that 1/3 of the fixes don’t work (network name) (and yes, sorry but this is totally relevant to the update thread). Don’t know if the two others work since I didn’t experience screen freezes or use WiFi calling.

At least we got the December security patches, that’s something.

And its here in different ways before your comment, so no need to repeat and still has to stay in the other topic not here!

I had to search for the update manually to get it.

One weird thing after reboot was that some apps seem to have lost their permissions: storage and location permission for SyncThing, VPN permission for WireGuard. Both apps are constantly in use.

I noticed that already some time before the update with many different apps. So my guess was, that this was caused by Google play services. The changes did not happen again after the update for me

If one can update is of couse dependently on your SIM provider.

Is this true?
FP support claims that they do not withhold updates.
My phone provider also claims that they do not actively block updates.
Nevertheless, the update simply does not arrive.
One of them is not telling the truth. The user is left alone with the problem.

Don’t forget that Android does automatically remove permissions for “unused” apps (those you use rarely or just seasonally), see “System/Apps/Unused Apps”.
What I’m saying is that it could be a coincidence.

It happens an update doesn’t pass a specific carrier’s quality control, and Fairphone has to fix it before this provider accepts it.
This happened (at least) twice last year with Orange FR, and all Orange FR clients got those updates a month later (which was a good thing, since the initial one was bug-ridden…).

So yes, nobody “withholds” updates, but there are reasons why some providers’ clients would get a given update some time later. Usually it’s for the best, since it means there must be some really show-stopping problem for the network carrier to bother.


o.k. - thanks for clarification

Why does it happen so often, that quality check fails for FP updates? ( I use A1 network, Austria).
No problems here with Samsung updates.

That’s why I also wrote

It might still be a coincidence and a different bug. But certainly not “unused”.

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As almost olways:
Update doesn’t arrive :triumph:

Phone provider says that it does not block the updates.
I believe that. Samsung updates arrive on time.
It must be because of Fairphone.
My patience is running out.

And your provider is?

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