Google Play Services removes special permissions regularly

I just happened to encounter another removal of file permissions (i.e. FolderSync app) after a play services update.
How can I prevent the play services from removing those permissions like file access or permission to install apks? Especially with automated processs for example to sync data or run backups it is really bad to have the permissions removed regularly.

I had no play services update on any Android device since November 2023. So are you sure it ain’t something else?

I don’t use the stock Fairphone OS, but this happens monthly for me for apps that I haven’t used. On CalyxOS you can stop the system from automatically pausing app activity (and permissions) for specific apps in app settings. There’s probably something similar in the stock OS.

There were definitely updates even if the play services update state is set to November 2023. I got an popup that in maps new features would be available with a current updates of play services.
And it is not the feature that removes permissions from unused apps.

Most play services updates are silent and don’t show in the “settings”.
My FP3+ also says “November” - but looking deeper it’s currently at v24.02.13, last updated Jan 23rd 14:04.

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@rpnid: But that‘s the version of the app Google Play services, not the Google Play system update, so maybe we are talking about different things.

At the end of the day the result is what is annoying. Permissions are beingvrrmoved even if the flag to revoke permidsions in case the app has not being used recently, is not set

The “app” is the essential bearer of associated utilities and “intelligence”.

Sorry, I don’t understand, what you want to tell me :man_shrugging:.