Software update: FP4.TP1X.C.079-20231013

Update has been running for a few days without any problems.
The brightness problem cannot be checked at this time of year. It will probably be back in time for next summer. :roll_eyes:
I have noticed that MacroDroid background processes can no longer be removed from memory.

Since update no reboots for 26 hours, even with 5G enabled. Not yet tested while traveling by train. There are two different problems with brightness:

  1. sudden dimming when exposed to sun / heat
  2. automatic adjustment too low at dark environment.

the first one should have been fixed with the previous update, the second now.

I have the same problem at Cellular Connectivity. Is very difficult to make a call, also people can’t call me.
Is possible to downgrade?

For me Calls work fine (in- and outbound). It’s just the battery usage in Standby for “Cellular Connectivity” in my case.

Good morning
I was informed of this recent update via a notification. I installed it and everything seems to work normally.

I got mine two days ago (also Deutsche Telekom).

I already got and installed it last week and I have seen no issues with it so far.

I wasn’t eligible for the big/buggy A13 update (cause Orange FR), but I got that one, a little more than a week ago.
It installed without problem (had to do something during a boring 3h train trip…) and it also updated my phone from A12 to A13.
I didn’t notice any bugs so far, everything seems to be working as expected. :astonished: :grin:

Installed a week ago, I’ve had several reboots, two of them while driving and using Magic Earth for navigation, really annoying.
Otherwise, really good.


My FP4 is rooted. The system keeps asking me to install the FP4.TP1X.C.079 but is fails.

For rooted phones, I assume one has to manually patch boot.img each time and install manually ?

Also where can I download that image ( provides an older version) ?


See above

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This update made it impossible to record with apps like @voice Aloud Reader, the apps is killed instantly. It was working fine before the update.

FP 4 with Android 13 FP4.TP1X.C.079.20231013, protective cover and glass protector:

2 finger zoom in Google Maps:

  • Fine handheld
  • On table does not work, not even with the audio adaptor cable on its own, but works with headphones attached as well
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Exactly the Same in my FP4. that finally after nearly 1,5 years of issues Made me Turn away from Fairphone.

if you have rooted your FP4 with Magisk, this @hirnsushi solution works very well for me.

Thanks. I managed to install C.079, but I cannot get root access. I tried to regenerate a magisk_patched-26400_RuK60.img and flash it, but it does not work. Actually I used the same boot.img from the official which is C.073. I assume the patch should be done with a newer version ?

Edit: instead of flashing explicitely boot_a, I just did:

# fastboot flash boot magisk_patched-26400_RuK60.img 
Sending 'boot_b' (98304 KB)                        OKAY [  2.353s]
Writing 'boot_b'                                   OKAY [  0.246s]
Finished. Total time: 2.611s

It is now OK: I have root access and C.079. :slight_smile:

Wifi is no longer working (cannot activate it)…

Did you flash an older boot.img by any chance, seems like it. That will cause connectivity problems among other things.

I generally wouldn’t recommend flashing it directly, you lose your easy fallback that way, just fastboot boot it next time and install Magisk through the app.

You need to either get a stock C.079 boot.img, flash that and go the fastboot boot route, or flash a patched C.079 image to get your system properly working again.

Exactly, I used C073 boot.img. Where Can I find a stock C079 img ?