Software update: FP4.TP1X.C.079-20231013

You’ll have to either wait for FP to update the kernel page / factory images (who knows when that might happen :roll_eyes:), or get it from someone else. @Lars_Hennig should have one, it’s only ~ 100 MB, you’ll find a way to share it.
(The third option would be to create updated factory images yourself, but no one has posted a link to the, so let’s not get into that)

I usually have one lying around but not this time, sorry.

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Does it work with the appropriate boot image?

Yes. Wifi + root. Thanks !

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Here’s the OTA link

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In case someone needs boot the boot image: I was able to configure a download space. Please PM me for access data and the URL.


I probably have both, C.079 stock and magisk_patched laying around, in case you still need it.

Thanks. Lars_Hennig hats put it here

By the way, should one want to revert to C.073, if not satisfied with C.079, without loosing its personal data, what would be the procedure ?

For me that is ok, it’s Marc’s dropbox :wink:

Ok so I misunderstood and thought its yours…:upside_down_face: removed the post back to prev version incl. the link