Software update: FP4.FP3V.A.116.20220414

Never happened on my Pixel 3, so I suppose it’s something that can be prevented. In the meantime I just use bookmarks in Firefox, which are persistent :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I’m currently having trouble to sync with my google work profile after the update. Anyone else?
Sync states “Networking issue”. But network is fine and everything else works. Seems to be limited to the work profile.

Hello, my ffp4 shows no update patch level 5.April 2022.
It says the phone is up to date at patch level 5. March 2002.
What can I do ?
I’m from Germany, Provider is Vodafone.

You’ll have to wait until Vodafone approves the update (or try rebooting your phone without a SIM or a SIM from a different provider).

For similar reports about update delays with different (mostly :de:) providers, head on over to:

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Oh, rebooting without sim doesn’t help. I’ll wait. Thank you.

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Just to say that some T-Mobile users have reported difficulties installing this update.
See here

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Hi i’m getting an error when trying to install this update - any ideas?

Could be that you have to plug in for energy

Or maybe try to download it with 4/5G, some people reported that DNS filtering such as a pi-hole was blocking the download. If it does work with mobile data, then you need to allow the correct DNS entry.


Did you root your phone or have you modified the system in some other significant way? :thinking:

Oh and welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks but afraid not, tried it with 100% battery and plugged in

It seems to download ok (on WiFi or data), then just fail to install

No I’ve not done anything to it. Only had the phone a couple of weeks now.

You could capture a log. Maybe you see something promising just before the update fails. I don’t know if there are apps allowing it without root. Otherwise, you have to use a computer to do so.
Start the log, start the update and when it fails you can finish the logging and look up the events just before the moment it happened.
There will be a lot of overhead, so keep the time span between starting the log and the update as short as possible. If you need help, do not post your log file without checking it for sensitive information! But I’m quite sure you will be able to tell which lines are of interest.


Yeah, as @max_o said, please capture a logcat if you can :pray:

The TL;DR tutorial would be: Install adb, then follow these steps:

Or you can install MatLog libre (from F-Droid) and can get/follow the log directly on your phone.


I am on Vodafone network and did not get the update yet. My daughter on T-Mobile got it already.
What to do to get it soon?

All updates are sent to the networks for checking, some work out of the box, others have to be tweaked so Fairphone have to do more work. There no quick fix, but without a SIM you can try updating via Wi-Fi

From the first post in this topic.

I think that just removing the SIM card is not enough. But you could swap the SIM card with your daughter, then your phone should offer you the update.
But keep in mind that there could be reasons why Vodafone hasn’t offered you the update yet. Features like VoLTE or WiFi calling might not work properly yet.


Thanks all - was just trying to work this out then realised there was a newer system update, and that worked first time! so problem solved :slightly_smiling_face: