Software update: FP4 A.13 MR6 FP4.TP2G.C.0119.20240509

Hi all,

A new software update based on Android 13 is now available to Fairphone 4 users.

Software Version: TP2G.C.0119
Build ID: FP4.TP2G.C.0119.20240509
SPL: 5th May 2024
Update size (from previous MR): 97.92 MB (97919977 bytes)

Resolved Issues:

  • An issue that was causing the clock on the lockscreen not to update correctly has been solved.

  • The wallpaper settings can now also be searched using the search bar in Settings.

Other improvements:

  • Security patch level: 5th of May, 2024

I just received the notification, that the update is available for my FP4. Is there anything special I need to take care of?

Hi @Lars_Hennig, I installed it yesterday and have no issue until now :slightly_smiling_face:
It seems that there is not a lot of changes in release notes, it should be safe to install :wink:


I’ve had it installed for 4 days (I’m a beta tester). I’ve noticed nothing out of the ordinary in those 4 days.


Thank you! I just did the update, everything work as usual, extra round for re-rooting was still necessary.
But in the end it works!

Installed it yesterday, but apps are reacting very slow since. I have restarted several times, but no improvement. Any advice please? Thanks!



since the update, my launcher animations have been very slow. In the developer options I discovered that the factors for windows/transitions/animations have been changed from 0.5 to 2. After I reset these to my desired 0.5 (assuming 1 is default?), the mobile phone behaves as before. Small note: I use the Nova Launcher.

Best Regards,



Hi Mirko, this was indeed what happened! Set to 1 after the update, now reset back to 0.5. Thanks a lot for your help!

Indeed, they were all “1” on my FP4 before update–and they stayed so after the update…
I wonder why yours changed.

FYI my phone has spontaneously turned itself off twice in the four hours or so since the update (once in Zoom when it was obvious, once just on its own, which was not). The battery is at 73%, so I don’t think that can be the problem…

Restart or shutdown? Maybe restart because of Playstore Update… but twice would BE Strange…

No, it tells you it needs to restart, but of course it doesn’t do anything unless you click on the “Restart now” button. I’ve done it many times on my tablet (on A12), and it waited quietly till I eventually decided to do it.
Seriously, imagine being on the phone with Emergency Services, and all of a sudden your phone just decides to restart! That would be Windows 10 procedures, nobody sane would dare set up such a thing… :laughing:

But @nickalcock, what did those events look like? Phone just suddenly switched off? What was the phone doing the second time (first was during a Zoom session you said)?


I actually routinely do a playstore update after the security update, so that had already happened: it can’t be that.

It seemed to be an instant unclean shutdown, not even a brief flicker of shutting down messages (which do you see if e.g. the battery is dying).

The first time I was in the middle of Zoom and the phone screen was on: the second time it was just on my hip and I have no idea what it looked like because the screen was off: I just noticed when I came to use it next that it was powered down and concluded that the same thing had probably happened again.

It hasn’t happened since.

Update went smooth and flawlessly. No wonder since it is dated according to my birthday :grinning:

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Update installed without issues.

Same here, even movement/animations in my internet browser got slow?!?
I changed the settings as recommended now and will need to see if that also fixes content in my browser…

Inside your Internet browser? You mean websites and all?
That can’t possibly be related to the update, can it? :open_mouth:

  1. First of all, what launcher do you use? “Quickstep”? “Nova Launcher” like @mah above? (If you don’t know, it can only be the default Quickstep)
  2. Had you modified the speed settings for windows/transitions/animations in the developer options before the update?
  3. What were those settings’ factors set to, after the update? (Note the default is “1”.)
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The mobile provider name is (at least for me) now on the very upper left corner of the screen, even left of the time. Has changed in my case from some longer string (“Telekom” I think it was) to “TDG” what probably means “Telekom Deutschland GmbH”.
That’s nothing really problematic but looks a bit ugly as there is nearly no space between the text and the display corner. But on the right side of the time there is plenty of space.
As said, only cosmetic thingy. Maybe Fairphone has implemented some fancy feature that makes use of the emptiness :grinning:

That’s your provider’s doing. Branding choices… :roll_eyes:
(You have to admit most telecom companies are named “Telecom” this or that… “TDG” is more unique. And shorter, see below.)

The thing which Fairphone has changed (but that is already one or two updates ago), is that it does display the currently used network provider–again.
Because this feature had disappeared (with A13, IIRC) for some obscure reason. Due to that, for a while, you didn’t know which provider your phone had decided to use, which could get very expensive for people traveling a lot or living near country borders.

How well it fits, and how “pretty” it looks, depends on your provider’s branding name. It’s easy to fit “TDG”, much harder to fit “Strassenbahnschienenritzenreiniger Netzwerke und Telecom GmbH & Co. KG”, so Fairphone can’t leave too much space around it… :smile:

My point was that it changed with the update. Now I found an older screenshot from October 2023 and saw that there the name is at the same place but due to more lower case letters and more length it looks a bit smoother. So, all good, tomorrow I will not notice anymore :melting_face:.

So far also not seen any technical issues. Even the power management seems to have remembered his optimization learning curve. No quicker battery drain for some days after updates like before. :+1: