Software update: FP3 6.A.022.1

Didn’t see a topic for this update yet, so I thought I would create one, since I always appreciate reading about an update before installing it. The following information is taken from the “System update available” screen on my FP3.

Software Version: 6.A.022.1
Security Patch Level: 5th of October, 2023
Update size: 23.30 MB for me, might be different depending on which version you’re upgrading from (I came from 6.A.020.0)

Resolved issues

  • Ringing tone can be heard on outgoing phone calls
  • Customising your Wallpaper & Style using My Photos no longer crashes.
  • Faster SIM card unlock for users entering their PIN after reboot.
  • Sound Recorder app recording issue is now solved.
  • Manual network selection, which was unavailable on certain networks, is now available again.

Other improvements

  • Security patch level: 5th of October, 2023

I installed it myself this morning and haven’t run into any issues. Can confirm that the SIM card unlock delay seems to have been fixed for me.

Additionally, I saw several other posts of people having installed this update without problems:


Thanks for the initiative by opening the thread and posting the update information, it is useful to have a thread for each new update!

I have not yet installed it, but I add what appear to be two more “success stories” :grin::

I can now confirm that I still have issue with tethering.
Tethering to WiFi is ok but tethering to mobile data still doesn’t work at all.
As in the message Mixigodo linked, SD card work litterally 1 time over 2.
I’ll so conclude that it’s better that previous Android 13 updates but regressions are not all fixed yet.

Did you report to support? Else working on it might not happen.

I reported it on a previous update.

Manual network selection, which was unavailable on certain networks, is now available again.

Fix confirmed ! Bug was described in this post :

Apart to that, upgrade went smoothly for me, nothing bad happened and finally this (really important) bug is fixed !

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