Software Update: 3.A.0134.20211116

Hi everyone :sunflower:

Some of you might have already noticed that a software update for Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+ users went live yesterday evening.

Software Version: 3.A.0134.2021116

Security Patch Level: 6th of November, 2021

List of changes:

  • Addressed CVE-2021-1048 security vulnerability.
  • The network compatibility for several carriers has been enhanced.

Hi Rae

I had thought this was only a security update from god. But I note you have carrier specific updates.

My query is that usually the updates are provided via the carrier hence the delays when a carrier’s update has to be delayed. However I got this update on a SIM free phone only connected to WiFi i.e. no network update.

So was this a Fairphone push, avoiding networks, and you monitor my phone as soon as it connects to the internet; as if it were pure google it would be pushed to all Android 10 phones presumably.

Just getting it now (FREE.FR). 13.3 MB.

P.S. Build number is 8901 3.A.0134.20211116 i.e. Nov 16th - there’s a 1 missing from this thread’s title.


Not any more :slight_smile: That happened on the 5th Nov title too

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People have found out before that taking the SIM out works to get updates that their carrier hasn’t cleared yet.


So where do these update come from. I understood Fairphone made them and then checked with the network/carriers that they worked before there was any option to download.

The network carriers clear the update for their users. Anyone who is not on a network that has an agreement with Fairphone will get them immediately.

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Installed early this morning without problems (Vodafone Italy) :slight_smile:

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I’m still a bit in the dark as to what and how this agreement is made an operated, but thanks.

Hi, there was one vote from Vodafone Italy that fairphone still works there :slight_smile: has anyone in Germany with Vodafone tried this update yet? And did not receive the Nocaller ID again?
I stopped the update for now “Entwickleroptionen”, but as I read it, it should be made due to security reasons.
vut I don’t get, that RAE writes it would also do something to Carrier things…

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What means compability to Carrier issues has been enhanced?
I just don’t want the No caller ID issue again.


Hi! Is the minimal display brightness level rolled back (from previous update) in this patch?

Sadly nope, I think that’s happening in the next update?

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The minimum brightness issue was rolled back on the 0132 (5th Nov) update so that it is not so dark at the minimum setting and the adaptive brightness works as expected. The 0134 (16th Nov)does nothing to either of these issues.

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Thanks for the explanation, but you should not present an incidental failure (a bug, too bright backlit at minimal setting) as achievement. v132 (5. Nov) update did not recover an exact previous state (because now the adaptive brightness kinda works), that is not what the word “rollback” mean ya?.

We folks here are still awaiting for a brightness fix: We were so releived by the update preceding the v132 before the v132 just made FP3 too loud for eyes in a dark environments again. At least now we know the developers are aware. Can we perhaps have a switch, a setting in Developers menu to choose between “the minimal brightness is pleasant” and “the brightness auto-adjustment works” states?


As far as I know this was only a problem for some people, it was not a problem for me or my daughter.

As far as I can tell it is exactly that, a roll back, as the adaptive brightness now works exactly as it did before.

I’m not sure who you are addressing this too, as this is a user forum, and as I said there are not ‘many’ complaints about the brightness. Out of the hundreds of thousands of FP3s sold I can count those with either sensitive eyes or faulty phone regarding the brightness on two hands (I think)

Then you haven’t been paying attention, because many people have complained, from the release of the phone to the latest update discussions, that the minimum brightness setting is too high.


Well we clearly disagree on what the word ‘many’ means. Note I put it in quotes so as not to be definitive. Let’s put it another way I imagine there’s if there is 20 then that equates to 1 in 10,000 users. I would call that not many.

If it were 200 ??? ~} really ~ it would still be 1 in 1000 and
even if it were 2,000 it would still only be 1% and I would say that is not many.

And whether that is down to sensitive eyes or faulty phones isn’t known in any case let alone in each case.

The first thread about this problem from October 2019, Lowest brightness is too bright, gathered 4.1k views. Many people were looking for a solution to this problem, because the minimum brightnes is just way too high - also compared to like every other phone. I don’t know any other phone that has a minimum brightness of 27 nits.

Have you ever used your phone in complete darkness?


How one defines many or how one is affected by brithness is not the topic here and very individual. This update was just a security patch. FP heard the voices of those having issues with minimal brigthness and is working on a solution.