Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

You may want to have a look at the FP2 issue tracker:

And many other companies have their projects running on Github.

At least the open builds of a Fairphone Android ROM should get public issue trackers. They are a possibility to interact directly with the users who experience issues, a community forum cannot do this…

The key difference, I think, is that the FP2 isn’t being sold anymore… I agree that it makes eminent sense, but I understand that from a vendor’s perspective there are reasons against it. And yes, other companies do this, but I know of no example in the smartphone market, which is the only relevant comparison from FP’s perspective. Do you?

No, Fairphone already had a bug tracker when the FP2 was still on the market.

I do, although this is no public issue tracker, but better than nothing:

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I got the same options!
If I set: “2G only” the problem is gone and the callerID is visible.


Which provider do you use? (Edit: Got it, sorry!)

And what about data speed with 2G?

Max speed at 4G (LTE) is 1000 Mbit/s, at 2G (EDGE) only 260/110 kbit/s (DL/UL)…
(from German Wikipedia “Datenübertragungsrate”)


Yes you’re right! This is not my favourite solution!
But for now I need a working cellpone, until they will patch it.

What about a second sim card with a seperatly datavolume?!

Hi, is it possible that you forgot to add the binaries (fastboot, adb) in the linux-x86 folder?
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Oh dear, that sounds not good. Display is going dark and callers are not shown anymore on Vodafone Germany.

Meanwhile the update is available to me, but I did not yet install it because of the bugs mentioned here - I am on Vodefone Germany, too.

If this is the solution for you, then you are lucky! For me it would be not a solution, because the 2G bandwidth is too low for most apps to operate. And 3G is switched off here in Germany already.

For all of you, who already updated, I wish good luck for a very soon bugfix!
And for myself I wish the same, as I really want to update to get the August security patches - but without the bugs.


I don’t believe that an additional SIM will increase the data transfer rate from 2G level!

But you can use data with 4G with the second SIM, when the first SIM is on 2G to receive phone calls.

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And who will pay for the 2nd contract?

You I guess, if you want to do it.

same problem here :face_vomiting:
i will go back to the last stable version.
Since they have done something again. :see_no_evil:

Unfortunately, you cannot go back to the previous version. :frowning:

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Technical information for FP team:

Incoming calls are displayed as “Unknown”, but after the call I can see the caller’s phone number (if he calls long enough…) in the mailbox!


I’d like to notify that I’ve never experienced a problem with Vodafone (Italy). No “unknown” issue. :slight_smile:

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I got the same Problem “unknown” caller. Only Workaround is to change to 2G AND disable WiFi Calling. Both makes my Phone un-usable, which is my phone for work. When this will be fixed?


Let’s all move to Italy! :grin:

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Hi @til Welcome to the forum. Let’s hope Fairphone sees your query, they do poke their nose in occasionally, but if you want an answer you could email support\at|fairphone …

We also experience a zero brightess in not so minimal light conditions; very annoying.