Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

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There is a specific topic on this issue that may be of some interest.

Me and my mother experience the same problem (unknown caller) with our FP3 / vodafone / Germany. On both phones, the option for VoLTE is missing, so no quick fix available.

Is this a Fairphone problem or a Vodafone problem?

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After the last update I have the same problems: every caller is displayed as unknown and the brightness of the display changes randomly to very dark. I have never had these problems before.
Provider: Vodafone Germany.
Phone: FP3
Build: 8901.3.A.0129.20210805

Hi Have at look at this topic

Hi @LordNerevar Welocome to the forum

That’s is unknown but I have seen the issue reported on other forums.

It appears to be a Google Android update not specific to Fairphone.

I’m in the UK on EE and not such problem, but I have other issues after this 0129 update

Where do you have this information from?


Away from home: Searching and responding to the forum is more difficult. Couldn’t remember where I read another similar topic, done a quick search but couldn’t find a ref. so maybe I was imagining it.

Will do a more thorough search in a few days ~ maybe ~ later.

UPDATE: Had another brief search and didn’t find anything so am putting it down as a mistake for now, not going to bother searching anymore but if I find any such ref will update here with a link.

meanwhile will edit my other post.



Hello, since this update i also got the same issue which was already reported August 2020 and is dsircirbed with a solution here: Bug: Android 10 FP3 - Unknown Caller
Caller ID from incoming calls is always UNKONWN. You have to disable 4G. -->but then i can’t surf the web anymore (since EDGE is too slow for most things i wanna do with mobile data). So how do i fix it?

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It is a FAIRPHONE problem. When i swith the SIM Card into anohter phone it work’s fine. AN dif i switch it to 3G mode instead of 4G (LTE) mode, i can see the caller ID. I’m using Vodanfe in Germany. Fairphone is describing a solution here, which does not work for me since i can’t use my phone right anymore


I get the same problem. Grateful for any news of a fix.

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I have the same problem with unkown caller id and Vodafone Germany.
It must be fixed very soon.
i use the phone for the work.

It is a big big misstake, that i can’t see whos calling me.

If i use another phone with the same sim card, there is no problem.


Agree, it has to be fixed very soon!
If they need more time to fix it, they have to give us the possibility to go back to the last working version at least. It’s a shame that this it not an already implemented feature, especially since this is not the first major bug that comes with an update (regardless of who is responsible, Google or FP).


Maybe it would be a good idea, if everybody who has this bug, would contact the support team by e-mail.

Of course they should check the forum - as this is a big chance to get user feedback - but I am not sure if they do it very regularly.

(Just guessing. In the past there have been other bugs which have been discussed in the forum. When sending an e-Mail to the support team, they said “We have never heard about it”. So better make sure they know about it :wink: )


Hi. I guess it could be only related to Vodafone Germany as in Italy I have not any of these problems.

In my opinion, I suggest to clear data of “carrier services” application.

Ps: I wrote this message during a call with my Mum (no unknow caller) over Wi-Fi connection.


I have made the suggestion to call support at Vodafone Germany, as it might be possible that they had to reapply/modify their server profile for the FP3(+)…

Same problem here, since the last update I have no caller IDs from incoming calls anymore. The option “Enhanced 4G LTE Mode” is not available and 3G is not available here in germany anymore. My provider is WeTell who uses the Vodafone network as well.
Just contacted the support. Using the fairphone without caller IDs from incoming call is not an option for me.

I think it is important that everybody who is concerned by the “unknown caller” s**t write a ticket to the Fairphone Support! So the FP team realizes that this is not an minor bug and we will get a prompt solution!

Fairphone are likely to respond to this topic, as they created it, there is also more user ideas at

Yes i cleared data of the carrier services application. But still it doesn’t work.

And of course last thursday i wrote the Support Team. But i’m still waiting for an answer.


Hi everyone,

Regarding the “unknown caller” issue, we apologise for the inconvenience caused. Thanks to those of you who have flagged it here and with our customer support team. This is currently being investigated and as soon as we have more information to share, I will update this topic.