Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

Reichlich spät, da war das S5 dank fehlender Sicherheitsupdates schon seit Jahren unsicher. Ein Telefon aber als unbrauchbar zu bezeichnen, wegen eines Fehlers bei einem Provider, den man zudem noch umgehen kann ist dagegen schon ein wenig harsch.


And this answer comes after two months ?? In my time as a software developer, customers were treated differently. The FP3 + was my first and last model from Fairphone.

Leider kann ich den Work-a-round nicht nutzen, da wie geschrieben hier in weiten Bereichen das 3G schon abgeschaltet ist. Wenn ich mit 2G telefonieren möchte, hole ich mein altes Nokia wieder raus. Sicherheitsupdates hin oder her, es muss ganz einfach zum telefonieren geeignet sein.

As above and implied before, it would be comforting at least if this info

was published earlier or was this the earliest that such knowledge was available,???

Und wo ist der Unterschied beim Telefonieren zwischen 3G und 2G?

Das ist heute bei Smartphone allerdings in der Regel die am wenigsten genutzte Funktion. Außerdem funktionert es doch auch.

Ja, mit der zu einem Termin angekündigten Lösung. Die Nachricht, dass das Problem erkannt wurde und an einer Lösung gearbeitet wird kam schon früher.


I’m wondering if any of the concerned authors, above, have seen this?

First report of an FP3 update A.0130 (1.3 GB):


Had to use a translator, but: Very interesting!

I am surprised that there is an update, without an anouncement here. But nice, let’s see when it will pop up on other people’s phones!


Not here in the UK on EE as of 10:54 GMT :slight_smile:

Amazing… lets roll out the update in france first. Not in the country wich is heavyly affected by the unknown caller bug since two months… lets do exactly that!


The roll outs have to be checked by the networks and carriers. Maybe they did Germany first but the networks are not happy and won’t push it.

It’s not just a Fairphone process


Hey, I haven’t got a Fairphone yet… but I can fully understand how frustrating this issue is. I hope the the update comes in the next week or so.


you said: This update will include a fix for the Caller ID issue …
I`m still very disapointed!
There ist still no update and no solution.
Did I miss it?

Hi Thomas.

You haven’t missed a thing

The next update, a cure for this one, hasn’t gone wild yet, although there is some notion it is imminent.

Usually, people add a print screen of the update. You can see that it is not the case here so I find strange this information especially because nobody else said the same, not even in France :wink:

Well, for that to happen, you need to have a FP3, be using the standard OS, have Sosh as your operator (OK maybe Orange as well, who knows?), be interested in Android updates, be familiar with the Forum and know enough of the etiquette to leave a screenshot. What’s the probability?
And yes, two people in the other thread have notified having received the update.


Hi, just to confirm it , I could manually find the update. As you can see , security patch level from October the 5th. The original update of this thread was not available for me ( Sosh is my provider). So I had no unknown caller issue and I do not have it after updating at least I had only calls from my contacts but no issue so far


It seems my expectations are too high…

@Mic57 Thanks for the print screen


No such thing as too high, just need to balance it :slight_smile:

I have seriously high expectations but even greater disillusionment, so it can’t get worse.

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early November, middle or end november? :smirk: