Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

Not sure if that post was directed at me, but as I said it didn’t work ?? So I removed the battery ??

The actions are not the same. The ten second switch off doesn’t actually disconnect the phone from the battery, for example the clock is still in time and the on/off button has power going to it.

Remove the battery and all software is disconnected from power, and it can take more that a few seconds.

I have an instance where I swapped the battery and the clock was still on time ??

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I’ve had situations where even that would not work, and I had to remove the battery. I also had situations with smartphones where that wouldn’t work either, as the battery was non-removable. Then you’d have to drain the device empty. (Which can suck if it has a good battery life :wink: )


It worked perfectly.
Thank you very much. :relaxed:

Hey, it seems the linux-86 binaries are still missing in the official package.
It would be nice, if Fairphone could provide a new download package, that includes the missing files.

You may want to create a new thread for your concern, or maybe a moderator creates a thread for you, because it is a different issue…

Mh, no, I don’t think so.
It is the announcement of the latest update.
And a fairphone-employee is the thread-owner.
I can’t think of a better thread to address directly to fairphone that the download-package for manual/offline installs of this update is faulty.

You have expressed your concern to the owner of the thread by directly addressing her, which you could have done in another thread as well.

This thread originally has been an announcement of an update, and deals with issues that came along with it. Unfortunately there are quite some. It was not intended to discuss desired binaries/enhancements. You would get far more attention if you express your concern in a new thread…

is there any update/solution to the bug with the display dropping zero and the incoming “unknown” calls?
I’m almost tired of waiting for it and handling with work-arounds.
Best regards


My solution was: buying another smartphone (not fair, not repairable but working!).

Sorry Fairphone but that was too much for me! I dont have all the time in the world to wait for your Update! The first report of the “unknown caller bug” was on 02.09.21 now is 12.10.21. This is unbelivable!!

I need the telephone for work not ( just) for a good conscience.


This is getting ridiculous. Once again. “As soon as possible”? Your devs could have reverted the changes to adaptive brightness that nobody bothered to test and push an update in a day. Here we are six weeks later. FP seem to have a different perception of time. Like with the camera software improvements that you said would come “in the coming weeks” more than a year ago.


Not sure that was an option. I’m sure if it was that easy it would have been done.

That’s what I’m not so sure about… Anyway, I don’t want to get into an argument. This is just really frustrating, from a consumer and a person-wanting-FP-to-succeed perspective. I don’t want to speculate. If there is a reason a seemingly simple thing is taking so long, it can’t be all that difficult for FP to put that reason in a sentence and post it here.


I agree that this was poor testing on Fairphone’s side. With some proper testing, by e.g. a beta tester community (not just an automated pipeline), this issue was spotted and reported before wider release. This is really something Fairphone needs to setup. What do you think @anon27553248? It will boost the quality of the releases and keeps the users happy.


I imagine they are way busy with rolling out the new Fairphone 4, but I’m not ready to accept that as an excuse so many years after starting the company.
For a project that wants to make the world a better place it just seems they have their priorities a little off…
And what I find REALLY annoying is that they send you the same useless consumer messages as any other company will do these days, along the line of “thank you for your message and patience and we are sorry and very soon we will have an update for you” bla bla bla…
From a company that expects us to pay more for their phones I on the other hand expect more than the usual marketing bullshit.


Same here! It’s annoying that I can’t see who is calling but it’s a big problem that I can’t see who tried to call me. Friends can deal with that but business partners don’t know it and don’t call twice. I need a solution soon!!!


You you buy a second SIM, a pay as you go on a network that works, then give this number to your business partners and ask them to call you on the new number.

thanks amoun, but your suggestion isn’t an option for me.


@anon27553248 When will the fix come? If the root causes had been found three weeks ago it’s about time now. It’s been long enough now! I didn’t pay the extra cash for untested updates. This is just NOT FAIR!


Fairphone support, the same question as the previous user. When do you expect to release a fix for this? To not see who has been calling means not being able to callback a person, which is to say the least a big obstacle.


@anon27553248 Since about 1.5 month I have to adjust the brightness multiple times a day due to the bug in the latest update. I’m really wondering why you don’t release a hotfix that fixes just this big annoyance. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.