Software update: 3.A.0084.20210204

This sounds all new to my ears. Any of the FP3 experts … do you think this is all unrelated to our beloved “internal SD card” issues? Or maybe not … ?

I’m no FP3 expert but actually, although the problem description doesn’t sound familiar to me, it imho neither fits very well on the often described internal SD card problems…


Wow. that’s a big one this time, 495MB, the last update had only 22,5MB.
So let’s hope it solves some big problems :wink: .
My phone is just loading it, with a Vodafone Germany prepaid SIM.

P.S.: Installation done, worked like a charme, so let’s see, what happens.


Just downloading the update in the UK on EE.

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I had this one, good to know it is fixed. But what about a bug when (sometimes) taking a photo with a flash but the photo is not saved, only on a second attempt.

Got the update on release day on Vodafone Germany. I really hope now that the most pressing issues are (hopefully) solved, 6 months after the release of the Android 10 update, Fairphone will take on the rest of the embarrassingly long list of bugs. For me Wifi Calling still doesn’t work (though on another Fairphone 3 using T mobile it does), 5GHz Wifi connections on higher channels are dropped every few minutes, the frequency band switch has disappeard from the settings… plus all the cosmetic bugs, plus the camera app improvements that @rae “hoped” to be able to tell us about “in the coming weeks” half a year ago without ever following up.

Edit: WiFi calling does work, but apparently the icon appears in the top bar only if there is a bad mobile signal, or none at all. When I turn on airplane mode and then enable wifi the icon appears and I can make calls.

Frequency band settings? I go to main “Wi-Fi” screen, there at the bottom “Wi-Fi preferences” in there expand the “Advanced” area and there i see a setting with “Wi-Fi frequency band” leading me to hovering layer allowing me to select from three options: “Automatic”, “5 GHz only” and “2.4 GHz only”.
You dont have these settings?

Not any more. It’s one of the many known bugs.

Hi @abittner
Just grabbed the update, but I do not have the options you mention

Maybe the options are dynamic and not there by default.

The options should be there. Them not being there is a bug with a known but annoying workaround (as outlined in the post I linked to).

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Yes, but the workaround worked great for me. And is less annoying than a factory reset :wink:

But of course this should be fixed, as not every user knows about this workaround.


Hello, I just downloaded the update, sadly people can still not hear my voice in video calls. Voice messages work fine, so it is clearly a software issue

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The issue was only about phone calls AFAIK:

(emphasise mine)

With which app aren’t video calls working? It may be another issue.

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isnt this workaround a permanent fix lasting workaround so to speak? booting into that safemode and bringing back those frequency settings and all? why wouldnt you go for that solution or what is the downside of it? why are we still discussing this when there is that workaround solution to this problem? or does the frequency settings vanish again? with reboots? with what? with additional android updates? dont understand just yet.

Note to self and to thread, dont want to call it a day just yet and dont want to jump to conclusions early, but this android update level seemingly brought much better wi-fi call performance on a FP3 where I had serious Wi-Fi quality and trouble with it, very bad and poor performance, Wi-Fi call being used but huge packet loss or unusable calls etc, very often needed to turn off Wi-Fi in the middle of the call, falling back to normal mobile network coverage for the ongoing call etc. Maybe this has got to do with the Wi-Fi layer in general. Where I use Wi-Fi with some FP3 phone, I often only use it with completely open and public Wi-Fi, meshed Wi-Fi of various community Wi-Fi projects etc, non-business grade, non-corporate but even none-home-use-private Wi-Fi even.

With the current android update, this Wi-Fi apparently is much more stable being used in the same places and same number of participating devices and other Wi-Fi clients etc. The FP3 now seems to stay much better connected to this Wi-Fi than before, or the packet loss is much lower etc, thus giving a better Wi-Fi phone-call. Just doing some uneducated and early guesses. Will see how this unfolds in the follwing days and weeks. If this holds true, I am kind of very happy that the Wi-Fi performance of FP3 has much improved.


Update works good here. No audio problems with regular phone calls.

I notice the same problem when using the Jitsi app for video calls. My voice is extremely low, almost not hearable to others. When using Jitsi web it is working fine.
So obviously there is some incompatibility between the FP3+ and apps used for video calls (Jitsi, WhatsApp, Signal, …).

Beside of that I am almost happy with this update - except the clock-space-bug, which is still annoying to me :wink:
And I guess the settings-suggestions-bug is still there (the workaround mentioned in this thread seems not to work anymore - at least in my case).

Oh, and bringing back WPA3 would also be nice (as it is a core feature, officially introduced with Android 10)! This worked before, but not anymore since v77 and not in v84, too.

Maybe @rae can have a look into these bugs.


Very happy with how Fairphone has done good to get out security updates out quickly. While I am happy to see some bugs fixed, I am wondering if this is on the team’s radar, and if there is anything I can do to help: Echo in VOIP calls

I guess you mean this topic as the one you mention is for the FP2.
Also, AFAICT you are two to have experienced such an issue, it isn’t a lot compared to other software problems.
The best you can do for them to be aware is to #contactsupport as I had advised you, if not done already.


I don’t know why you’re still discussing it. :smiley:

It’s not a permanent workaround apparently, it can happen again after. Plus the workaround erases your contacts and resets some other settings, so I’m a bit hesitant to do it.


I still have the same problem as well. Video chat on WhatsApp and Signal have very low microphone volume. I am very dissapointed, I really thougt this update would solve it. My wife also has a Fairphone 3+ and has exactely the same problems.