Software update: 3.A.0077-20201221

Thanks for the update. No random reboot since the Update was installed on my two fairphone 3.
The first one was:

Android 9 (OK) -> Android 10 (random reboot) -> Patch (random reboot) -> 3.A.0077 (OK)
Android 10 (OK) -> Patch (random reboot) -> 3.A.0077 (OK)
Thanks for that


Yes, I am also very thankful that the phone is not rebooting anymore (especially while doing calls).

How about the other issues? Distorted voice, mic sometimes not working / fading, extremely low volume, echo problems when on speaker, etc.?
I still have all these issues, version 0077 did not solve that for me.

How about you? All these things are solved on your phone / provider? Would be interesting!

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Mic problems in that other callers can’t hear, strange as it has resolved itself but leaves the query as to why it happened.

I’m in the UK using EE (FP3+ Oct 2020)

I also still have these issues.

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works on sosh now by manual search of the update in the settings.

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Same here.

Fun fact from the last weeks; shortened conversation with the support:

  • 18.01.2021, Me:
    “I updated to OSv77 last week. Still bad mic issues.”
  • 27.01.2021, Support:
    “We have a new update. Please update to OSv77.”
  • 27.01.2021, Me:
    “As I told you, I already updated to OSv77 two weeks ago. Problem is not fixed.”
  • 29.01.2021, Support:
    “Nice to hear that everything works fine! We will close the ticket now.”
  • 29.01.2021, Me:
    “What? It is not fixed! Please help me and don’t close the ticket.”

So let’s see what will happen next. Almost 4 months since the release of the FP3+. I guess it is time now to fix the issues.

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Kind of funny, if it wouldn’t be soo sad.
Could you share your ticket no, so maybe someone from Fairphone could look into this strange exchange. So, that they at least do not close your ticket prematurely.

Sure, it is #396107.


So right.
My ticket number is 413103.

When did you got in contact with support?
Did you have it also before the update?

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I have these issues (distorted voice, mic sometimes not working / fading, extremely low volume, echo problems when on speaker, people complain about it’s hard to understand me) since I bought the FP3+ in October 2020.
It happens with every update / software version - sometimes it was a bit better, sometimes worse.

I got in contact some days after I bought the FP3+. Ticket is open since 27. October 2020.


Hi @Wil and @ontheair,

Apologies to you both for the experience you’ve had thus far. Regarding audio issues, in our January blog update we reported that our team was still investigating and just yesterday we provided another update with some positive news. Our team has identified the root cause and will provide a fix in the upcoming software update, to go live by the end of the month.

Regardless though, I have already shared your support ticket numbers with our support team and an agent will reach out to you both individually via email if they haven’t already done so.


Thank you very much for this news! I already received an answer from the support team.

I am really very happy to hear that the root cause has been found and will be fixed.
Honestly the last 4 months have been really frustrating, doing phone calls every day, often without being understood or without understanding the other side. And it was also frustrating that the support in the last months was not really convinced that this is a real issue - they always said the problem is on my side, I should change something (new SIM card - no, was not the solution / changing SIM slots - was not the solution / doing a full factory reset - can not be done that easy when the phone is used for business, too / etc.).

So thank you very much for this good news, I am looking forward for this update! I guess when the bigger issues are left behind, the FP3+ and me still have the chance to be friends :wink:


Will there be anything about the missing WPA3 support since 0077 in this new update?

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You’re welcome @ontheair. It’s always great to deliver good news. :slight_smile:

@Incanus Not in this update, however our development team is continuously working to improve our code. More news on WPA3 will follow in Q2.


That’s good news.
If you really found the root of the problem than I can wait until the end of February.


So, it is end of February. How to proceed?

The blog post has been updated to read “We are working hard to make this update available the first week of March (updated & confirmed timeline)” now. So I assume it’ll come next week.


Let me provide the link here An update from our CEO: Reported software issues and our next steps - Fairphone

And here it is: Software update: 3.A.0084.20210204

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New update is out.