Bad audio FP3+ Android 10 receiving end

I think i’m talking about the october update. My build number is 8901.3.A.0054.20200929

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I have the same problems with the FP3+ (with all build numbers / updates so far).

When calling the receivers tell me they sometimes can not hear me good, sometimes it sounds like I am “very far away” (no, I am not covering the mic with my fingers).

I am not using wifi calling, just regular cellular calls. Provider is Vodafone.
My workaround so far is: Using a bluetooth headset whenever possible and not using the built-in mics.

A support ticket is created, but no feedback so far, as the support team is very busy. But I am lucky, I don’t have the reboots while calling, “just” bad audio quality on the other end (which sadly is bad enough).


I have the same problem. what can I do?

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I have the same problem on my FP3+ using /e/. So it seems to be an hardware-issue since I tried several different calling-apps and its always the same.
Its stops though when I switch on the loudspeaker, resulting in a bad audio on my side but the recievers understand me well.
When I use headphones it works just fine.
So what should I do? Buy another microphone-module hoping the next one works better? Return the whole phone what I would really like not to do?
Im a big fan of the fairphone-concept but I need to be able to make proper calls, so if there is any fix to that problem I would be very happy to resolve this issue with an otherwise great phone
Thanks in advance for answers and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t state that. Calling apps won’t necessarily change anything if the problem is with the OS, or even with the firmware files.
Perhaps you have a #fairphoneangel nearby who could perhaps help you by testing a spare part?


thanks, thats a great idea :slight_smile:

Hallo, dieses Problem hatte ich auch mit meinem FP 3(ohne plus) im April '20 bestellt und erst im Juni in Nutzung genommen.
Das Problem war nach einem der regelmäßig anstehenden Android Updates weg.
Der FP Support könnte mir in einer Zeit von 7 Wochen(!) Keine Lösung an bieten.
Ich war kurz davor, das FP3 wutentbrannt zu entsorgen. Jetzt läuft es diesbezüglich gut.

Neu seit gestern ist bei mir, dass Anrufe durch das Smartphone beendet werden. Ca. 10 Sekundenklang steht die Verbindung, dann wir diese ohne dazu tun beendet. Auch bei der Nutzung des Lautsprechers, also ohne jeglichen Kontakt zum Display wird der Anruf einfach beendet. Egal ob eingehender, oder ausgehender Anruf.
Hat Jemand hier eine Idee zur Behebung dieses Phänomens?
Viele Grüße

Schrecklich finde ich die Darstellung des Textes hier, was ich geschrieben habe, steht am Ende hier nicht! Bitte den Screenshot lesen, danke

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Yes I have this same problem after updating 2 weeks ago to
Android 10 on Fairphone 3 (no plus). Has anyone found a way to fix?

Unfortunately not.
This problem exists for me since I bought the FP3+. But it changed with different firmwares:

  • In the beginning: Bad audio (fading and digital artefacts) on the other end.

  • OSv66: Now bad audio on both ends. Additional crashs and reboots while calling over 4G.

  • OSv77: No crashs and reboots anymore. Still bad audio (artefacts but no fading anymore) on both ends, but less more often (maybe once in 15 minutes). Still not really reliable for doing important phone calls.

This is the situation for me with Vodafone Germany. May be different in other networks and other use cases.

Only thing I can say, just like in the last months: Let’s hope the next update will fix it!

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Maybe try turning “4G Calling” off under the menu for the SIM card. Then it won’t be using VoLTE (voice over LTE/4G).

That’s what I did for the whole month while having OSv66, because the phone was always crashing and rebooting when doing calls over 4G. It did not crash when turning off 4G and using 2G/3G only.
But bad audio quality happens in all networks, 2G/3G/4G(VoLTE).

So, thank you for the mentioning it - maybe it helps some people for some providers - but sadly not for me.

The weird thing: I had a long phone call on Friday with a lot of bad audio quality. Then I had some shorter calls on Saturday and Sunday which worked really good, no bad audio.
No idea why, but I hope things are getting better.

Same issue, its worst with the protection case grrr
I have an FP3+ since september/october and any update solve this issue. This is the worst issue for me, I have to always put my earphone to make a call

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It is. Even more because this problem is still present since we buy the FP3+ new just on October 2020.

Just for your information, as we all have the same problems: I posted my current experience about this issue in the main thread of the last software update.
Maybe it brings more attention to the Fairphone people as they started this thread.

It still makes a difference? I realized in OSv77, that the issues (distorted voice, mic fading, etc.) happens while using the phone or the bluetooth earphones. Same troubles for me.


Yes, its make a big difference, the sound (input and output) is clear with the FP Modular Earphones, I suppose it is the same with goods earphone in the market.
Very strange

Sounds like too much feedback and the noise cancelling mic echoing. :frowning:

Ok, in my case I have audio problems, regardless if I use the phone (normal use, not speaker) or bluetooth.

I expect (and hope!) that this issue will be solved with the next update as mentioned here and here.

As far as I understand there is a major audio issue in general, causing these problems for calls, using apps, etc. So I hope all of these troubles will be gone at the end of February.

I installed the latest update 3.A.0084.20210204(Software update: 3.A.0084.20210204) and this specific audio problem seams to be gone.


The last message was a wrong. The problem came back and could not be solved by restarting the phone.
Am currently on 8901.3.A.0101.20210420 and the audio issues while doing usual phone calls persists

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Just to clarify: You have a problem with network calls when holding to your ear, not hands free.

Since I bought the phone in Oct 2020 I haven’t had this issue with any version update, only on hands free video(WhatsApp)

Can you use a sim of another network to test it out if it’s a network issue, and if you are using 4G ensure wifi and bluetooth are turned off, as they all use the same frequency band, 2.4Ghz

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