SMSC Update error FP2

I can’t send or receive SMS since a couple days. I am getting an error 38 massage.
I called my provider and they asked me to update the SMSC number via the menu that pops when u dial ##4636##
I have tried to put in the number given +33695000695. When I click on update it says ‘Update error’ in the field, when i click on ‘actualiser’ (sorry it in French) button it reverts the field to the following : “+33695000695”,145
and its still not working after numerous tries and reboots.
Thanks for the help

Sounds correct then.
I don’t know what the “,145” part does, but I have that, too, and SMS messaging works.

Are you trying to use two SIM cards perhaps? …

No i just have one sim card in.


I just remembered something … after ‘actualiser’ brings up the SMSC in the text field automatically for you, you have to use the update button then to really keep this setting.

If that doesn’t help, you could try to put the card in SIM slot 2 and see whether it works there.

Thanks for trying to help, I have tried all of this and still no solution :confused:
I have put in a ticket both to my provider and fairphone support.

If nothing helpful comes up, perhaps there are fairphoneangels in your vicinity who could have a look or check your SIM card in their Fairphone 2.

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