Enter my sms server with dual sim card

I have a Fairphone 2 with dual sim card - one for France, one for UK. I can’t send text messages to some contacts but can send them fine to most of my contacts. When it doesn’t work I get the message Error 38.
My operator in France said I should enter my sms server number, and gave me the number. But I can’t find where to enter it. If this is the issue, it still isn’t clear to me why texts should work with some people but not others. Any ideas?

You can check (or update) that number in the settings of some SMS Apps.
What OS are you using? What exactly does it say in About phone - Build number?

If not in the SMS App settings, you can enter this info for SIM1 in the test menu you should get when dialing *#*#4636#*#* - Phone info - SMSC. … You have to swap the SIMs to enter it for the second SIM that way.


Thanks for your reply. I’m using Android version 6.0.1.
Under About phone the build number is FP2-gms-17.10.2 release-keys.

Thanks for info re test menu. I had tried that but hadn’t realised it was just for SIM1 (it has my UK sms server number since SIM1 is my UK SIM card). I guess that would mean I’d have to keep swapping my SIM cards around and re-entering the sms server number every time I switch country?

Can’t fairphone / SMS apps (I’m not sure where the problem lies) handle dual SIMs with different SMS server numbers?

The SMSC is stored on the SIM card itself so you only have to enter it once, even when swapping the cards.

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Android can handle this situation once set up correctly for each SIM independently. One of the things that Android isn’t so good at, is editing stuff on SIMs - and when there’s two of them, it becomes quite user-unfriendly. There’s some more detail on how to get it to behave in this topic:

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