How to set Message Center (SMSC) number for SIM#2

I have two SIM cards in my FP2 with Android 6. For the second card I can’t send SMS while roaming. The provider says I have to set the SMSC number. The method here (Dial ##4636##) only works for SIM #1 - and appearently there is is no way to set SMSC number in settings in Android 6! Is there another way to set it for SIM#2 ??

As far as I know the SMSC is stored on the SIM card itself. So you could temporarily swap the cards, set the SMSC (using *#*#4636#*#*) and then swap them back. The SMSC should stick to the card.


IIRC the dial code sets the SMSC for the default SIM, so you may need to set the SIM for which you want change the SMSC as default, reboot, change SMSC and then reset your SIM preference setting to what it was before (potentially rebooting again). As mentioned above, the setting is normally stored on the SIM, so once set, it will be remembered.
Intuitively, I’d say that temporarily removing the SIM card that you don’t want to change should have the same effect and is slightly less hassle.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and it works.

It didn’t solve the problem of not being able to send SMS, so I guess the real problem is related to the subscription (according to the provider it should be possible to send SMS while roaming but I get an “error 50”, I’ll ask the provider about it again).

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