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I am using Fairphone Open and just starting with it. The SMS app that comes with FP open confuses me a bit – I have checked the option to get a delivery message for every SMS I send, but I just do not get any displayed! A sent message just looks like this (“Sent 29. März”)

and the message details do not show the delivery as well:

Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to set a special permission in XPrivacy?

I have no idea, if I can be really helpful, as I am on Fairphone OS (not Open) and use “Silence” for sending SMS. (I like it, as it can send encrypted messages.)
I just tested the feature for delivery messages and it resulted in the message being “ticked” i.e. having a little hook in the bottom right corner.

So try looking for some marking of the message.
I guess you already tried sending a message to the same number one with delivery notification enabled and one with this feature disabled, so you can compare them?

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Yes, there are markings:

They are described in the details as well:

Unfortunately, they exist for those SMS that I’ve received with the last mobile phone and restored on the new one.

(It is weird that the “Received” point in the details reads “Sent” a second time)

I guess your last phone was no FP2?
Then the second “Sent” might be due to the change of phones and the different OS, if the FPOOS app is translating the information incorrect.
You might try to change the language to “english” and might get a “Received” instead of the second “Sent”.
Unfortunately that’s no solution for your initial problem and I don’t even know the app you are using. So sorry!

Yes, that’s correct; I’ve gotten a used Galaxy S2 and equipped it with one of the last Cyanogenmod versions (before the project got the new LineageOS title).

I think that the second “Sent” is a mistranslation. And even if it wasn’t, I’d have absolutely no problem with it, as long as I know what it means. :wink:

You mean “know” as “be used to”, right?

It is the default Fairphone Open SMS app. Maybe I’ll give Silence a try – does it work with the default Android SMS/MMS database?

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As I am on FPOS (not Open), I am not sure, if the standard app is the same. Therefore I really meant “know”.
Silence works perfect with the default database. On switching the app you see all your messages in Silence as well (if my memory does not fail me).

I’ve given it a short try – as I have seen, it does not use the default database but offers to import the messages from there. This is not an option for me, as I am using MyPhoneExplorer to load the SMS to my PC. :frowning:

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Seems like I just learned something new.
I have not noticed up to now, that MyPhoneExplorer does not backup my SMS.
Thx a lot for that info; I never would have guessed that.

Just remembered this thread from last year:

Recommended by some users were QKSMS and Signal.
I just have no idea, how they do handle the database.

See also this thread as a continuation of the first one:


You should always guess that everything else stops working when you change something. :smiley:

Thank you very much for the links, I still cannot get along with the structure of this forum.

Yeah, I und erstand that. It helps to return frequently and watch things develop. :wink:
And even then …
Sometimes I go searching in vain for a thread I read just the other day. :roll_eyes:
It might be a good idea to search/look for threads that are marked as #wiki (although I just realized that this list is more than 100 topics long already.

I’ve tried QKSMS now. It seems to be good – the delivery messages are working (not for the old SMS I’ve sent with the Fairphone Open Stock app though), and I think that in one of the next releases, it will support dual SIM as well.

It cannot receive MMS, but that’s another topic. :tired_face:

MMS doesn’t work for me as well. I guess that’s a problem with German Telekom in my case.

Red’mer doch hier weiter :slight_smile: :

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