QKSMS and incoming MMS

As already started in this thread:

I am using a Fairphone 2 with Fairphone Open, GApps, XPrivacy and AFWall+.

Because of the missing delivery reports I’ve stopped using the stock SMS/MMS app and replaced it with QKSMS.

When trying to send MMS with it, I’ve only been able to do that when switching off the WLAN and switching on mobile data (QKSMS said it would be able to do that automatically!). In order to send MMS, I had to unblock the following app in my AFWall:

Google Play-Dienste, Google Dienste-Framework, Google Account Manager, Google Backup Transport

This already is disturbing enough for me, but I still cannot receive MMS. Is there any tiny piece of configuration I have to change?

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…it not only doesn’t work, it drains my battery with a wake lock!


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Well, that’s bad, and surprising, as this app has been recommended by a few users in this forum.
I still use silence.Lucky me :wink:

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