Slim case RIM wanted

I’ml also interrested by a new frame. The shop should sell all parts of the Fairphone !

The other topic is about the Fairphone 2 case, which you can easily buy in different colours in the Fairphone shop.

The Fairphone shop also sells spare parts for the Fairphone 2.

The only part the Fairphone shop doesn’t currently sell is the core module, you can currently buy it here …

Else you could open a topic in the Market category to look for what you need. (Ok, was already moved here.)

I guess @Spheerys is looking just for the slim black rim of the slim cover. That part is quite fragile when disassembled and has to be handled extremely careful.
That part is not available on it’s own; just as part of the slim case.
I guess, there are not enough black rims breaking to justify producing this part extra. And as the price for this part would be lower than shipping and handling, selling this part would possibly not be that easy.

But as there are quite a few users, that have reported cracked back covers (there’s a thread to that regard), they could have spare rims.
It could be worth a try contacting those users by pm.
Here’s the actual thred:

The following threads are closed already.

I’m selling a used FP2 case (including rim) here for 10€, check it out :slight_smile:


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I’d give mine for free. I wouldn’t like to have to send it though. I’m in Dresden and Berlin.

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