Frame around the phone

Whilst traveling, I have managed to loose the black frame that holds the front and back of the phone together.
I have tried looking on the FP website but they currently do not sell any frames. Any suggestions to what I could do?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you can only look out for a used one. Maybe someone else broke the coloured part of her/his slim case and thus has a surplus black rim.

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If you are by chance talking about the old one-part bumper case, Fairphone discontinued it a while ago because it came apart too soon.

Fairphone developed new slim cases instead, and these are available in the shop …

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Do the new cases include a rim? I believe my fairphone is one of the newer models and all i need is a rim. If the case is that the case comes with it’s own rim I will purchase it. I watched a video on the link you sent and it did have one but I am just unsure.

I have the slim case in two pieces the shop still speaks of, but I think after I got mine they switched to a three piece design with the rim you need. If you have this, @urs_lesse is right.

Anyways, the cases in the shop should be complete cases with all necessary parts, else the thickness of 10.65 mm given in the shop wouldn’t fit.

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