SIM preference for calls/SMS not remembered

On my FairPhone 4 I experience that the preference for what sim card to use (I have two) for calls or SMS doesn’t get stored correctly and therefore it comes back to a default I don’t like. Anyone else experiencing this behaviour and having a solution?



is it as described here? maybe the solution noted there is an option?

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That very much seems the same thing yes. Thanks a lot! I’ll check that pin code thing as well!

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My FP4 5G does not work properly when there are two SIMs inserted. It will not prioritise the eSIM for calls, data and texts. It remains locked to the physical SIM and, because of this, wifi calling is also locked to the wrong SIM. The eSIM is from my main provider and therefore that is the one I wish to use as the default in the UK.
How can I resolve this problem? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Can anyone help?

I currently just have a physical SIM, but I remember there were several settings regarding the preferred SIM for data/calls/SMS.

Assuming you already configured all of them, does it help to just disable WiFi calling for the physical SIM? You can do so in the “Advanced” section of the SIM specific network settings.

The only restriction I recall immediately is that 5G can only be used by one SIM at a time.

Please have look at the solution for this topic, it was fixed by setting/usinf SIM Pin for both SIM cards and I remember having seen a report, the recent update would solved this as well.

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