Signal app crashing on fairphone 3

I have been using the Signal messaging app for multiple years on my fairphone 3, however earlier this week it stopped opening and just crashes anytime I try to open the app. I’ve updated the app and its still crashing. I recently updated my phone and can’t remember if I did this before or after the app started crashing, but this may have something to do with it - has anyone else had this problem? I thought it may have something to do with storage space but have deleted a load of data so there’s now nearly 3GB available.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated - I want to try and avoid uninstalling and reinstalling as I’ll lose all the data from the Signal app, but if I can’t find any other option then I will try this.

If you really have 61 out of 64 GB full, then it’s high time to clear much more space.

I recommend you get yourself a sizeable microSDXC card (go for 128 GB or more), insert it into the SD card slot and format it as :white_check_mark: portable storage (not as :stop_sign: “internal storage”) as shown here:

For details see:

Once you have done this, you can move big files like photos, videos and music to the microSDXC card. Photos and videos are usually in the DCIM folder. This will take some time.

Alternatively, you can move the stuff to an external medium like a computer etc.


It could also be a data corruption issue within the Signal data.
It’s really hard to say what the root cause might be without more information. If you’re familiar/comfortable with that, you could try getting the log messages (logcat, etc.) from the app start. They might reveal something more about the problem.


You didn’t activate Signal’s backup feature ?

If you did and you know your passphrase, then go looking for files named signal--.backup. You can use these backups for loading your messages etc. after reinstalling signal.

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what is the logcat and how would I get this? thanks

I’ve cleared over 10GB and the app is still crashing. Sometimes it’s not crashing until I start typing the pin in and other times it crashes anyways. I am guessing I will need to uninstall and reinstall the app and therefore lose the data, but any other suggestions are very much appreciated.

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As mentioned before, hopefully you will be able to create the backup of your chats before reinstalling the app

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thanks for your reply. i unfortunately can’t get into the app as it crashes before opening so i can’t make a back up. i’m not sure if i have backups turned or not but can’t access them.