Show notification LED instead of charging LED

When my phone is charging, it shows a constant red light notification, as usual. But when I get an e-mail, I would like it to stop showing the “charging” red light, but prioritize the “new e-mail” green blinking notification. This seems logic to me: I know very well it’s charging. It was me who connected the phone to a cable. But I don’t know if any e-mail/sms/call came in during this time!

Is there any option to change this behaviour? I can’t find anything like this in the settings, or did I miss something?

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There isn’t a setting in Fairphone OS that I’m aware of.
I work around it by disabling the charging LED in Gravity Box. With the charging light off, it does show the same notifications as it would if the phone weren’t charging. I check the battery icon or the lockscreen for the charging status when I connect the phone to a power source (I probably customised the charging icon in Gravity Box as well).


Thanks! I wasn’t aware of the possibility to disable the charging LED :blush:

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For completeness’ sake:
In Gravity Box it’s under Power tweaks > [Other:] Battery charging LED.
There’s also a paid-for feature for notification control, but as I’ve never tried this I don’t know what the possibilities are.