Deactivate the fully charged (green) LED

Hi all,

at first I need to say: I know there are already several threads covering this topic like this Show notification LED instead of charging LED

However, I still have a requirement for which I don’t have found a solution.

As in the above thread described, I installed XPosed & Gravity Box which I used to disable the LED during charging. This part worked perfectly.

But the LED still turns on (green) once the battery is full (I don’t know the exact percentage).
Is there any way to disable the green LED when the battery is fully charged?

Thanks for any help on this

I know a workaround that also good for your battery: Battery Charge Limit.

If you still want to charge the phone to 100% and just want to disable the LED you can set the app to charge to 100% and then stop and never continue again until you reconnect.

See a discussion about the app here:


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