Share your clever, smart, creative, provocative... T-Shirt slogan!

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Continuing the discussion from Fairphone T-Shirts and more for the community.

Hi everybody! :slight_smile:

Some people stated that they’d want Fairphone T-Shirts with more than just the logo on them.

So let’s share our creative thoughts! What have you got in mind? :wink:

Cheers Stefan

PS: @Joe, I hope this will be interesting for you! :smiley:


Well ok, since I was surely one of them :smile: , here we go
I apologise but I am certainly not creative, so the slogan I had in mind was the already quite known “If you can’t open it, you don’t own it.” with an FP logo next to it or on the back to make the right connection - partly because I am not sure what ideas people might get if it is written on a T-shirt…
However, I am sure that more creative people than me are among us on the forum :wink:

Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

“If it’s not a Fairphone, it’s not a Fairphone.”


I like the maker’s manifest (“If you can’t open it…”) idea too. The shirt should not put Fairphone itself in the foreground, maybe just a little (but visible) logo is enough to relate to the project. I think it should feature an impulse to make others think about what it says and talk to the owner about it.

How about some words in the languages of the people who made the phone? This relates to the product’s transparency and reminds people that phone production is connected to a global effort. It could be a simple word like “hello”, “thank you” or something like “sustainability” (Go ahead and add ideas :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I know that this graphic (https://www.fairphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Great-Recovery-Project-Periodic-Table.jpg) comes from the Great Recovery project,

but if it was possible to combine it with a kind of (updated) source map as in the blog post on the Tin and Tantalum Road Trip (https://www.fairphone.com/2013/11/08/tin-and-tantalum-road-trip/) and put something like “Do you know where your phone comes from - and how it will end?” on the T-shirt, I think it would be a good base for discussion. And then put the FP and the Great Recovery project logo on it of course.

Ok, I admit that I fall for periodic tables :smiley:


Seeing this, this idea comes to my mind: Take the shape of the marked elements, put it on the shirt, and above put something like “Make a guess…” so people look at the shirt and ask you what it’s all about.


Nice idea :slight_smile: Just the shape or the symbols as well? I would prefer the latter because if not you’d have to recall them yourself for discussion and even though I am a chemist, I’d need to concentrate a bit and might still mix up some of it :blush:
Anyway, I think the riddle would not be much easier to solve…


I’m not a great photoshopper (gimper) but here’s something to give you an idea of what I roughly meant. :laughing:

EDIT: The text is just a sample, I do not believe this is a good text :smiley:


I like the idea, but I think “Make a guess…” is too random. Maybe something along the lines of “Guess, where you can find all these elements…”


Just a sample text :stuck_out_tongue:


Less is more :smile:
The image works without the written question. Because if you don’t know it you will guess anyways. Especially since you can see the question mark on the right side (the yellow elements)

And no, please don’t put anything like “if you can’t open it you don’t own it” without any context / image on a tshirt / people’s breasts.


Maybe we can even find more symbols in it and add those as translucent overlays or such


I think the fairphone project has a very strong marketing/pr team, they know all the tricks. I’m pretty sure they will come up with something if we don’t find a perfect solution for this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But if you plan something like this I would try to only focus on the tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold (3T&G) P-table “logos” and the fairphone logo (symbols on the back, little fairphone logo on the front-left “pocket area”).

This will create more questions. I think there are even a “fonts” for the chem symbols out if needed. Don’t forget that the fairphone project has cooperative design&branding already going on for a loong time. So they can tell you the fonts, vibe, and colors needed.

(Update: But I’m not sure if after Breaking Bad one can still do this kind of design … ;))




Very nice!

I’m still trying to find something for: Ta = Tantalum, Sn = Tin, W=Tungsten, and Au=Gold.

Currently it’s: tame snail, wing automatic!

I’m sure we will find something better, but I’m sure this will raise questions :slight_smile:


How about
"[W]u-[Ta]ng [Sn] da H[Au]se" (Wu-Tang is in da house)


I think there’s something called trademark :wink:


The unix way is a bit more safe :slight_smile: but way too long to post …
$ zegrep ‘^ta|^sn|^w|^Au’ /usr/share/ispell/american.*+.mwl.gz

Even for the more difficult ones like Sn and Au the list is too long. That’s a good sign, I guess.


this (without the “make a guess”) is still my favourite.
Possibly with the so-called Fairphone logo as a small bottom line on the right…


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