Fairphone T-shirts and more for the community?

Even more, biodegradable is not recyclable (it even causes problems when mixed with normal plastics for recycling). In fact, there are not many positive properties of biodegradable plastics at all…

That said, I think stickers would be nice to have (and easy to spread amongst friends)!

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from my point of view biodegradable didn’t contradicts longevity. there are pencilleads out of metal and you can make the pen out of Wood.

T-shirts: how about a less baggy, v-necked version as well as the normal one?

Stickers: I have seen some FP stickers, they seem very plastic / outdoor. How about having some paper / indoor stickers as well? very often you don’t need the shiny palsticky ones.

Please not another (plastic or other material) pen, I think everybody has 10.000 already!

But what would be cool and useful is a textmarker pencil. First you don’t use the chemicals of the normal liquid text markers and secondly it works with inkjet print-outs.
This is my fairphone-blue pencil (from Faber Castell). I also have them in yellow and green and orange.


Ruth, I know this is not 100% your point, and you might already be aware of this, but there are women’s Fairphone t-shirts cut differently (wider, thinner collar, shorter sleeves – no V-necks though), not as “baggy” as the men’s version (although I must say I for my part actually find all Fairphone shirts a bit on the small and tight side – and I’m not that tall and big myself) that most of us might have only ever seen.

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Tshirts, yes awesome! But only if it has a nice design and its not 1 of those wide models…
I don’t know if u know ‘fund the nations’ but they have really cool designs!

Badges on bags, easy to spread i think and nice to have.
Stickers i never know where to put them… Mostly u see them in the cities put everywhere… I think thats more polution then positive advertisement
Keychains i dont really use… I always collect them and take them to Africa for some childrens work, I put a name tag on it haha so easy for that though :wink:

Pens with the logo are also good. Those u can use -> very fair :wink:


As @Jerry, I would be in for a (big!) mug - I already have too many small ones and it makes it easier to print something nice on it - perhaps with a smaller version of the supply chain (world map) or one of @Stefan’s poster content proposals on it, this could be useful and educational, especially if you take such a mug to work…

As @Inge_van_Leusen already said, I never really need or know where to put stickers and even though I like the idea of raising awareness for the fairphone, I also think it to be much more pollution if such stickers are put around the city. But then, if people like to put them on their laptops and their own stuff, why not.

Postcards would be great as well, same as for the mug: I would prefer a meaningful content to just a logo, and please leave a maximum of the back free to write something on it… I actually still write postcards and do not only put one-liners on them.

As for pens, I would not mind but not sure if I would buy one - wood seems a great choice, however.
Same goes for the T-Shirt, not sure if I need one. It’d depend very much on the “statement” - again a logo alone would not convince me - but apparently a lot of people definitely want T-shirts and just in case, I’d also prefer (organic cotton) fair trade ones.

@Joe: If you put up any of these, provided that we’d like to buy them, could they be sent at the same time as the FP2 for those who ordered one in order to minimize environmental impact by repeated shipping? Could you add such a kind of option to the shop?


I would like to buy one or two fairshirts if they are fair and if they are cut alright (not too baggy!)
Something more difficult but more original might be shoes with advertisement. But I don’t know how many of us would buy them. Maybe flip-flops?
What does the community think about fair mousepads?

Do mousepads still exist?!


I personally really like to work with mousepads. I work a lot with my computer and a mouse just slides so much easier on a mousepad.


T-shirts in colours matching your chosen FP2 colour! Oh, wait …


Naughty. I like it! :wink:

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What about a stick, which could be use as a Stick or adapter for micro SD.

  • pretty design
  • Fairphone-blue
  • Recycling plastic

I myself am a big fan of merchandise, but I agree that it is not the greatest idea to put tons of it out there, particularly if the specs (socially and environmentally sustainable) do not add up. Anyway, I would get a t-shirt if there was one. Couldn’t there be a system like that for the 3D printed accessories, which you can order and will be printed somewhere close to you, so as to reduce transport emissions and shipping costs?

I like nylon sleeved USB cables, they fit nicer on a desk than the usual boring black cable.
I wonder if such a cable could be made of some fair fabric, like cotton or hemp ?
Would be perfectly fitting accessory for a FP, in my opinion.


I vote for badges and stickers!

I think that T-Shirts would be excellent publicity for Fairphone!!!
So why you do not sell Fairphone T-Shirts (Fair-trade and organic of course!)?
It is very easy there are enterprises that would produce it for you even with low quantity.

Such t-shirts already exist. Fairphone has given out various kinds of Fairphone t-shirts (blue, white, varying fonts) and they all bear both an 100% organic cotton and a Fair Wear Foundation label. :smile:

Ok, cool! :slight_smile:
But where could I buy one?

So far they have been given out mostly to activists and volunteers, especially for local Fairphoner meetings. Maybe you can organize one? :wink:

You need to attend (here are existing Local Fairphoner groups) or organise a meetup and they’ll send T-Shirts to you. Alternatively you can come to a booth Fairphone has at various festivals. They give them out to existing Fairphone owners.