Sent SMS incorrectly marked unsent after FP restart

Hello there,
my FP stock messenger app shows a weird bug regarding sms:
After restarting the phone, the messenger will mark some previously successfully sent sms as “not sent”. This results in the red “!”-labels next to the messages. Upon clicking on these “not sent” messages they can either be resent or deleted, which is very annoying since they actually have been sent (and received) correctly already.
This bug has already been mentioned here Delete error "The following message has not been sent’ by the sms application but unfortunately I could not find any post on how to fix it.
I hope someone can help…

Thanks in advance!

my specs:
model number: FPU1
android version: 4.2.2
kernel version: 3.4.5
SMS stored directly on phone
phone storage is encrypted

I think, the two issues are not related, as I stated in my post.

As far as I know, no fix has been provided. Since I do not text too much, it does not annoy me a lot. As a workaround you could use an alternative SMS app, such as SMSdroid.

Ah, yes, you simply mentioned it, I didn’t mean to imply that the issues were related.

I see… I’ll switch to SMSdroid then - thanks! :slight_smile:

I set this topic on autoclose, if you encounter the same problem with SMSdroid, you can still post back within 10 days.

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