Screenshot gone? Problems with screen when making phone call and notifications

Hi everyone. :raising_hand_woman:

  1. Where can we make screenshots since the update 2 weeks ago? Is it no longer available?
  2. When I have a phone call and the screen turns to black after a while I can’t get it back on… how are you doing that?
  3. When you do an action, like upload a photo, or make new connection or whatever we get these notifications below. I find those disturbing and they are there for too many minutes.
    Can I insert a picture to show the notifications? (for instance)
    Thanks for advising me! :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems Fairphone left out this function in the power down/reboot/emergency call menu (in Murena’s /e/OS Android 12 it’s included, so I guess it’s usually a part of Android 12). I don’t know if they are working on bringing it back, but I very much guess they are. For the time being, you can take screenshots by holding the Power and theVolume Down buttons simultaneously.

What happens if you press the Power button in that situation?

Do you mean inserting a picture here in this forum topic? If that is what you mean, you should see this icon in the top centre of the editor window when you are writing a new reply:
When you press it in your editor window, you should be able to upload a picture here.


The new FP “feature” is hidden and not available for everyone


Hi. Thanks
Pressing both the power button and the volume down button is nearly impossible on this phone…. (Where it is very easy on the iPhone)

You mean the button on the right side? When I press that I end the call….

About the notifications…

I don’t do it often (I have an FP4 here, but it’s not my everyday phone), but I don’t find it hard:
I’m holding the phone in my left hand and press the two buttons with my left hand’s middle finger Power and my right hand’s thumb Volume Down. But just left hand’s index and middle finger works for me, too (this might be more difficult with smaller hands).

Check Settings > Accessibility > System controls > Power button ends call:


Oh wauw that is very helpful! Thanks :bangbang:
Happy with this. Hope it makes the difference. :blush:

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As I mentioned in another post - there is an app which gives you back the screenshot quicksetting tile:

Also available on F-Droid: Screenshot Tile (NoRoot) | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

After installation you can add quicksetting tiles for screenshot and screen recording. Also keep in mind that the app supports two different methods of taking a screenshot which can be configured in the app.

If Android 12 bothers you from time to time that this app got the permission to create screenshots and you should review that, you can disable the notifications of the permission controller as following:

  1. Go to settings → apps → See all apps.
  2. Then open the three-dot-menu on the top right and select “show system”.
  3. Search for “Permission controller” and open it.
  4. Disable the “Permission remindes” notification.

Thank you
I can not find “Permission Controler” in the named screen :grimacing:

Ok, step by step…

First go to “Apps” in settings:

Then tap “See all … apps” and open the top right menu and select “Show system”:

Then search for “permission” and you should see “Permission controller” - or just scroll down the list of all apps until you find it:

In the permission controller tap the notification settings and there you can disable “Permission reminders”:


Thanks again.
So, I can’t change the setting of the permission reminders. The screen looks the same as yours except that the reminders are grey, I can’t change these settings.
I will try the buttons though.

Hmm - this is strange. Can you post a screenshot of that? Maybe that is already disabled and that’s the reason why it is grey.

Edit: just for completeness - taking screenshots is not affected by this. That permission controller setting is only there to control wether you will be reminded to check permissions of apps or not. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying when you constantly get notified about the fact, that a certain app has a permission which you should check.

I dont even find the App, maybe I have disabled it somehow…

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I also had to download it Yvonne

I meant the permissions controller “App,” which should be integrated into the system? Sure the Screenshot tile App would have to be downloaded.

The permission controller can not be disabled. Maybe you misunderstood the procedure - it is about how to tell Android not to display permission reminders. Please see my original explanation how to get there.

Just to get screenshots you don’t need to do this - just install the screenshot app and add the quicksetting tile.

I think understood it all correctly, and still its not there in the apps after enabling systems apps. It doesnt matter to me, I just wanted to mention, as Marianne could find it, however for her the settings are greyed out, so there must be something having influence on it. I dont care about the Screenshot tile App I just use the vol and power button

Edit: ok setting system language to EN helped, thought I tested it yesterday already and thought I searched for the German word as well, seems I had a dream about doing this only…

However for me its the same as for Marianne, so there must be another “setting” somewhere having influence. Is your phone rooted or do you use another ROM? Overall we might split this discussion to a new topic…

These are called notification toasts. You can’t easily change the display duration, since it’s set by the app.
But there are only some presets the app developer can choose from. The longest one should be about 3.5, the short one about 2 seconds. So if the toast stays literally minutes, this would be a bug in Fairphone OS and you would have to contactsupport . If the toast just stays 3.5 seconds and you think that’s too long for three words, you would have to contact the app developer or switch to an alternative app.

Doesn’t it help to change the app specific permission settings?

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No - this setting will reset permissions automatically when the app did not get opened for a while.

What I talk about are the permission reminders (“Berechtigungserinnerung”) for existing permissions. For example: when I start OSMAnd (Open Streetmap for Android), Android 12 tells me every couple of days that OSMAnd is allowed to use GPS in the background and I should check if I really want that. Also for the screenshot app Android 12 will ask every couple of days if it is ok that this app is registered in the accessibility settings. You can just ignore these reminders if you don’t want to change anything since the permission is already set - but if you don’t want to get this reminder every couple of times when you start the app, you need to disable the notifications of the “Permission Controller” - because this is the system app which creates these notifications.

FYI, for anyone who has lost screenshot and doesn’t want to install anything new to restore it, you can still capture screenshots from the app switcher screen. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get to the app switcher (the one that shows the current screen display from all your running apps.) See the icon at the top of each app? Tap the one for the screen you’re interested in and a menu will appear. One of those menu items is “Screenshot”. Tap that, and it will capture the current screen of that app.

It’s not exactly handy, but for a function I don’t need very often, I don’t mind the clunkiness in order to avoid having another app installed. Hopefully a future update will restore the more conventional screenshot methods.