Screen turns black after I enter a wrong unlock pattern / bluescreen at startup

Hi everyone

It happens to me when unlocking. If I draw a wrong pattern unlock screen freeze and go black for many seconds but without any countdown.

Thanks for your help

Hi @hcalmon! I moved your post here from that topic because I think, the two issues are not related. In the other topic the screen does not get black.

The easiest way would be a hard reset (this topic states that issues with a black screen after unlock got resolved through a hard reset), but you lose all your data ( :warning: ).

Normally these issues are caused by an app, which messes with the unlock procedure. Maybe you can find out, when this started to happen, e.g. after you had installed some app? Then an uninstall of that app could resolve the issues. Can you think of such an app?

Hi Stefan,

thank you for your prompt reply!
I don’y know what happens, it is probably a different problem (not only
lockscreen) because today I am not able to start it…
I will probably have to do a hard reset but I’m wondering if I will have to
do it often. I already sent my FP for repair about 1 month ago for another

To answer to your quastion, no I don’t think of any app in particular. I
really don’t have a lot, Gmail, Whatsapp, Messenger, lets say the “classic

Thank you for your support,

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Plese report back, when you have done the hard reset! :blush:


How can I reset it if I cannot turn in on ?
It stays at this stage:

[image: Images intégrées 1]

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First, Turn off the FP. If it doesn’t react anymore (you can’t turn off the phone), take out the battery and put it back in.

Then, just follow the instructions on how to perform a hard reset.

Hi Daniel and thank you for your reply.

Is there a way for me to make a backup of my datas (if I cannt turn in on)?


Alas, no. I’ve experienced a problem which caused my FP to crash every month and I tried to find a solution, but once you can’t start the phone anymore, you can’t make a useful backup anymore :frowning:

You actually can by accessing your phone through ADB. If you are not familiar with it, you would have to do some research though (it depends on how important your data is to you ;)).

PS.: In your original post you had different issues:

I’m going to update the topic title. :blush:

PPS.: If you want a further read, maybe this helps: Fairphone does not boot up anymore (bluescreen). :blush:

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