Black after unlock

My phone is a FP first edition.

The screen instantly turns black after unlocking. With a “click” sound i.e. like when switching to standby.

This began to happen occasionally, sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes instantly. Then it happenend more and more frequently. It got worse within a few days.

Now I can no longer use the phone. Instantly black after unlock.

I made it to disable the lock screen - to do so, I had to unlock 10 times or more, because the screen always went black after appr a second.

It now goes black directly after pressing the ON button, after less than a second, if ti reacts at all.

After booting, all appears normal until after entering the SIM-PIN.
Tried to cancel the SIM-PIN-entry: Same.
Booted without a SIM card: Same.

Can’t even shut down properly, since screen goes black too quick, or boot in safe mode.

Already contacted support (last weekend), but anybody here with similar experiences?



This sounds very odd. I’ve not come across this, and mine works every time when I follow the same steps.

I suspect Support might direct you to try and perform a hard reset which will wipe the phone and restore it to factory. If the problems were to persist after that, then it may be a hardware problem

Thanks a lot Chris!
I had thought of that, but made a mistake and did not manage to get into the recovery mode.
Tried again and made it this time.
Resetted to factory setting as described.

Now it seems to work again! I have to redo my personal settings of course, but that doesn’t take so long.
Hope there are no more unpleasant surprises…

Thanks again, pal! You’re a lifesaver! :wink:

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Excellent, and no problem :smiley:

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