Screen seems broken yet nothing visible. What can I do

I slipped and dropped my phone. It fell on the floor. It seems as if the screen is broken. It shows stripes. Yet the glass is still intact. I have opened the phone and cannot see anything unusual. Closing the phone didn’t help. While starting it again, the screen still looks as though it has cracked. What can I do?

Unfortunately it seems your screen is broken indeed.

The screen actually consists of several layers. Some of the layers can be broken while the topmost glass layer is still intact. Thus your screen might not look broken while it is still broken.

Can you post a picture of the phone in which the symptoms are visible? Maybe some other people here in the forum have seen similar symptoms.

However, I believe, you likely need to wait until the replacement screens are back in stock and then order one.


Ok, I get it. I will post a picture later.
Does anyone know when the replacement screens will be available again?

Thank you!

Sorry, I do not know.

They are available on vireo, if that’s an option to you:

Here a picture of my broken screen. Like jftr requested.
Thank you for the replies. I will look into this Vireo support.

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