Screen protector options (Displayschutz)

@Dezponia thanks for the research! that’s some super useful info.

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I use the same and fit my screen perfectly

I got the matte variant of Brotect (thanks @FairphoneHulk for the link!) two days ago. some of the layers were a bit too difficult to peel off (the external protecting layer was sticking to the actual protector so hard that when I tried to peel it off for the first time, it came off with the protector itself), but the final effect is pretty nice. it’s been years since I’ve had a phone with a matte protector and I missed both the look and the feeling.


Nice! I looked now to get a screen protector but seems Elgiganten does not have it in stock snd cant find it anywhere else. Do you use the screen protector? Is it even needed? :face_with_monocle:

I totally recommend, because I trusted the marketing blabla with super hard glass and I have after a few weeks already feelable scratches.

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You can find more about screen protectors


Nooooo. Im ordering mine tonight even before the phone :smiley:

I never had a need for a screen protector. The screen om my five year old Sony still looks pristine.

Den tis 29 mars 2022 20:19Goran A via Fairphone Community Forum <> skrev:

Been using Upscreen Hybrid Glass Clear with protection for back cameras and I am mlre than happy. Cristal clear , easy to apply, nice application tools (including “credit card”). Thanks for the review!

I always use a screen protector, so I ordered the only one available at the time. Which turned out the privacy screen protector. Waste of money, as per previous posts.
Why doesn’t FP offer just a normal, clear version? Only specials.

I’m happy paying a bit extra to support the FP cause, but I am very disappointed in this.

@Dezponia , thanks for your suggestions! I bought the Savvies glass…

Glad it was helpful. Have you got the Savvies Glass? Could you tell us which version you got, and if its truly hard tempered glass as I suspected and they say, or if its a flexible film? I hope it works out great though!

Hi, I received my order and it was really glass.
However, the fit is… Disappointing.
But way better view/screen quality compared to the privacy protector!

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Nice to see that its real glass. Which version did you get?

Savvies HD33 Clear/Matte Glass
Savvies Full Cover Glass

Maybe the “full cover glass” version has better coverage or something?

I thought I ordered the full cover on the website/shop, but the order specification state the HD33. That might be the difference indeed

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I used the privacy filter on FP3 and I got a lot of scratches on it quite quickly, even from light pressure when I knew there was no hard objects near it I got extra scratches. I ended up removing it because quite frankly the device became less pleasant to use because of the scratches. Same with my work S21 screen protector which came with it. Pressure from nylon (!!) created scratches. Also, while the privacy filter works for left and right side peaking, it doesn’t for up/down (ie. shoulder peaking) it requires more backlight to be used, it sortof defeats the purpose indeed but also it costs more juice and the adaptive brightness no longer works well either. On a Fairphone I have def. quit with screen protectors. The screens themselves are able to withstand scratches better, and should it arise the screen can be replaced for approx 100 EUR (~90 + S&H). With regards to privacy, well its just a given you shouldn’t very private stuff like e.g. bank app if you don’t want a person or camera to see it. I believe in the end we might have to resort to different modes/profiles on a smartphone where certain data remains encrypted until a higher security clearance is given (e.g. PIN instead of fingerprint, or YubiKey FIDO2). I’m kind of surprised this kind of fine grained management isn’t available yet on Android.

I have the same Problem. My Blue light screen Protector broke after 3 days.

If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

I just applied the screen protector with privacy filter, i find the resolution degradation kind of annoying. I would like to point it out in a review on the accessory page but it is not possible. to write one.

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I received the Screen Protector from Fairphone through a promotion, so I got it free.

Do you advise me to install it on my device (Fairphone 4), because according to some opinions here, it’s not great. Is it a real protection?


The protection is good, only thing I didn’t like was that privacy filter feature.

Here’s the thing: it’s basically a bad luck and rare drop protector. It’s nowhere near as strong as the screen glass below. If you can tolerate that some rate small rocks might leave light scratches and that of you have super bad luck in how your phone drops (and the screen doesn’t break with protector on) the screen needs replacing then i recommend going bareback. Sadly there’s no really good screen protector available like you get for flagships. In contrast to flagships you can actually replace the Fairphone screen though.
Just know: modern screen glass is absurdly hard… Like… Harder than most stones. It will not even get light scratches from normal use.