Blue light filter screen protector - What's the screen quality after applying it?

I already tried the privacy shield screen protector, which was not great at all. The quality of the screen was downgraded a lot. I’m actually looking for a regular clear-look screen protector. My hope is that the blue light filter screen protector leaves the quality of the screen alone and just protects the phone. The description of the product does state this, but I would like to know what the experience is of people here. Does it do what it advertise? No degraded screen quality after applying it?

why not just using any “normal” like from Brotect?

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Sound interesting! I’ll wait for feedback from people that have the blue light filter version, if that does what it advertises then I prefer to go for that. And otherwise I have an alternative.



In my opinion the blue light protector is not making the quality of the colors bad, but it doesn’t work to protect the screen from breaking. I dropped my phone accidentally and my screen is already broken. I guess it is the weight of the phone. I own my fp now for 6 weeks and I have dropped it already more times than all my former devices together. I guess the weight is the problem, both for dropping it so often and for easy damaging. I didn’t purchase the protective case yet, because it wasn’t available in the beginning. Because FP states that the device has a military standard for being robust, I decided to first start using it without one. Wrong decision.

Maybe not directly of your help, I guess I also wanted to give air to some frustration…

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Thanks! I already orded the blue light filter version. I expect it next week. Good to know already what to expect from it in terms of color quality. The case is key to prevent glass damage. I used to buy Spigen Tough Armor. Really good stuff, also a cool flip stand. Never got any damage with that. The case of the FP4 is not in the same class of protection, but I guess it will do fine.

I think I’ll also drop this phone more often. It’s just way too big (I do have big hands). | already miss Android 12, which has a one hand mode. It moves everything more in reach by just a simple swipe up and hold gesture.

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I have the blue light filter now, it’s very good! Good touch response and still a clear screen. Highly recommend it.


Thank you for the suggestion for buying a case. I will keep that in mind!

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First, I create a new topic because this one is closed: “Blue light filter screen protector - What’s the screen quality after applying it?”

I received the blue light filter screen protector, it was free (promotion of Fairphone). I noticed there is two screen protector sold by Fairphone (the privacy filter and the blue light filter). In my case, they sent me the second. Are you satisfied with it ? Do you encounter the same problems as privacy filter ? it seems to not easy to install, so have you got advices ? is it easy to remove it once it is installed ? What can you tell me about it ?


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I’ve reopened it for you, but I don’t use a screen protector so can’t help you further, maybe someone else has some longtime experience to share? :thinking:


I’m still happy with it. I would still prefer a normal screen protector, just a transparent one. Because there is a bit of a purple glow in the screen because of the blue light filter property of this protector. But the screen colors and brightness are not affected by the protector. So that’s a win.

Removing the screen protector is easy. You can peal it off with your nails.

If there are people that have tried the privacy shield solution recently, is it still dimming the brightness and making the screen resolution a bit fuzzy? A friend of mine recently bought the FP3+ with the privacy shield. It looked better on that phone than I can remember on my own FP4. So now I start to doubt a little if it was really that bad with the FP4. Or maybe they’re just made very different. which is possible of course.


Ok. I will try to install it soon.

!!! News !!! : I took a little time to place it correctly, but it is well centered. :slight_smile:

What UPPERCASE said is true, the screen protector is purple glow when the phone is off. But when it is on on, I don’t see the purple glow, the display is good as if the phone doesn’t have the filter.

Now, let’s see how long he can hold out.


Note: If the screen protector is broken, can we install a new one ?


A friend with an iPhone had a good privacy screen protector as well. It’s still cool. But I suppose the FP4 one still messes up the display quality?