Screen black while speaking / blocked apps

I’m currently facing two different issues:

  1. Screen turns black while speaking over the phone (normal I think) but doesn’t get back to ‘options’ once I remove the phone from my ear and thus I can’t hang up. The locking button on the left hand side up is also useless and only after a while the phone returns back to normal and to menu, etc. although once I’ve had to remove the battery because nothing else worked.
  2. Phone doesn’t respond to stopping radio app or closing it together with the rest of apps and thus even if I can’t see it open, need to turn off phone to stop it.
    Help most welcome,

I had this bug, but not when I started my phone in safe mode, which I was told means one of my apps is interfering with phone function. I uninstalled some of the newer apps & all the ones I never use, & now I don’t have this problem any more.

Your first issue is discussed here, with up-to-date official Fairphone advise on the issue available via the troubleshooting wizard on the support pages .

Unfortunately, I have no clue about the second issue.

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