Schematics and STL Fairphone 5


I’m looking for the following for Fairphone 5:

-Schematics FP5
-Schematics USB-C > 3.5mm jackplug
-STL files for backcover

Does anybody know where to find those? Thanks!


Unfortunately for prior Fairphones there were some legal issues that preventer Fairphone from releasing the complete schematics at first. The FP3(+) schematics are still unreleased in its complete form and the FP4 schematics became available with quite some delay.

I guess with the FP5 they will face similar issues - at least it’ll take some time. I am not aware of those having been released yet.


Hello everyone,
I am looking into buying the Fairphone 5 and having the schematics accessible would be greatly appreciated for transparency and repairability!

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I have to agree. You can’t be claiming you support right to repair without providing schematics.

I guess the issue on whether or not we’ll get design information will come down to how much of the design Fairphone own, and what their NDA with Qualcomm looks like.

I saw a claim that the Fairphone 5 is manufactured by TCL. Who manufacture devices under the Alcatel & Blackberry names, as well now in their own name.

But given that we got schematics for the Fairphone 4 and that most of the support information on their site has yet to be updated to include the 5. I guess something will appear in due time.


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Fairphone released schematic of FP5 core modul and a lot of other useful repair info! :grinning:


Best christmas present in years! Much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh my … Fairphone boldly goes where no iFixit has gone before! :open_mouth:


Apparently Fairphone will (re?)release the schematics with a bit more noise this thursday:

Sources: Twitter | Instagram


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