Fairphone 3 Schematics and hardware diagrams

I would like to download detailed schematics and hardware diagrams for the Fairphone 3. I need this for the top module and the bottom module as well, I need to find their schematics in order to identify each of their components, for instance where both primary and secondary microphones are located in these modules.

Thank you.


Welcome to our community forum. This is a forum run by users and volunteers. Fairphone staff is probably a better addressee for your request. But to be honest, I doubt they’ll just send you Fairphone’s construction plans.

You might find a few hints in iFixit’s Fairphone 3 teardown though:


Thank you for your reply, but that is not what I am looking for. I already know that ifixit guide but it in no way specifies where the different components within the top and bottom modules are located.

In fact I have already gone further than the ifixit guide and have opened both modules as well and taken out their circuit boards. There are different components soldered to these boards but it is difficult to tell which one the microphone is. This should be better documented.

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I agree. And I talked to Fairphone staff about it, as I have some modules here which I would like to repair. Sadly legal issues are the reason why Fairphone can´t provide that information.

But identifying the micrphone should not be a big deal, if there is knowledge of microelectronics present. If not, I see no reason why to do so.

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