Fairphone hardware testing on Custom ROMs

My question is, when FairPhone malfunctions, how can I determine which specific component is faulty ? :interrobang:
I have always been curious about this question, and the number of modular components is increasing. :thinking:
Thank you. :heart:

But my FairPhone is very new, and I have time to think about how to handle this issue. :grin:

Have you already seen the troubleshooter at support.fairphone.com?


This is interesting. :grin:
I tried dialing # #2886## , but only got an MMI error message. :x:
I’ll go inquire in the Murena community. :innocent:
Thanks :handshake:

The service test menu tends to not be included in /e/OS.
(Careful wording, as I don’t have a Fairphone 4 or 5.)

The forum software here uses some characters like e.g. asterisks for formatting, you can use the “Preformatted text” button in the post editor (or manually enclose them in ` `) to keep them visible… *#*#2886#*#* … or IT-nerdily “escape them” with a backslash each … *#*#2886#*#*.


Thank you, next time I will enclose them in :handshake:

You can install the app “Fairphone Checkup” from F-Droid. It has a much more limited range of tests though (and the “secondary/earspeaker test” might result in an echo loop).


Thank you, Fairphone Checkup works on the FairPhone 4 as well. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: