Sailfish OS release1 for Fairphone 2

I’m wondering where which irc server I should go to :slight_smile:

got it! freenode…

Hi mal, is there any progress regarding the release for FP3?

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The reason why 3.4.0 release has been blocked is a kernel bug which causes device to reboot in the middle of the update from 3.3.0 causing device to not boot to UI anymore after that, it can be manually recovered by continuing the update via ssh but that is not very friendly for users. I know a workaround but that needs everyone to do a change before updating.

The same kernel bug probably explains why device reboots when trying to shutdown the device.

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Thanks for your quick reply!
I know that FP3 and FP2 are now mixed up in this thread, but I was especially interested in the state of 4.0.1 for teh FP3 :wink:

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I need to do some testing on FP3 to make sure camera works correctly without any terrible hacks, other than that currently fingerprint support is not working and I saw some call audio issues which I need check if those still exist.


I could live very well without fingerprint support :wink:

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I have recently upgraded to a Fairphone 3. Now i want to give Sailfish OS a shot on my FP2. Unfortunately i’m not allowed to write PMs yet, cause of my “new User” status. Maybe this post will change that or you would be so kind to contact me instead. :grin:
Greetings Bass-T

Just read around for a few minutes! In your case you have to spend 4 minutes reading, view 7 topics and read 17 posts.


Hello @mal, anything news about the next version :-)?
Many thanks gabs

@gabs Hi, sorry for the way too long delay in answering. I’m not sure what to do with the next release. With a manual hack before updating it’s possible to update to but then once in that release there will bigger issue with updating to next release which will need some kernel fixed before updating to it.


@mal, for me a maunal hack is ok :wink:. I think anyone using SailfishOS on Fairphone2 should be familiar with the terminal and developer mode :sweat_smile:, so a short description or a temporary (packages?) solution should work. will compensate this effort with a better browser and other improvements :smiley:.

Maybe for ‘new entrant’ (or all who will reinstall from scratch) a install image would be fine. So if an error occurs during update a new installation with the new image and a recovery from backup would be fine.
Many thanks gabs

I managed to get Sailfish OS 4.1.0 working on FP2 and after using it on my main device for 3 days I haven’t noticed any issues yet. The update procedure is not as simple as before and has to go through 2 intermediate updates and first one of those needs a temporary hack. I will try to get the release done in the couple of days unless something unexpected happens.


Hi !
Nobody has had such strange behaviours with its sms app ? 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 Strange behaviours with SFOS on FP2
i.e. Missed and mixed messages ?
It still happens to me with the new operator.
I said I would reinstall SFOS on the linked message but I remember it happend from the start with the first version of SFOS I used: IIRC so I already installed this 3.3 over it, and have the same behaviour

Do you think a reinstall would really help ? I’m not skilled with the adb tools (couldn’t make it work on Linux, I used a W7) I would like to avoid bricking it as it’s my main phone.


@Epy Do you want to try updating to new Sailfish version? I can provide instructions.

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@mal: I’d be willing to try the update requiring the temporary fix. I won’t have time to do so within coming week, but the following weekend I’ll have time to tinker a bit. After that it could take me a while again to get back to it.

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@mschilli87 @Epy Hi, I now released Sailfish OS for Fairphone 2 Sailfish OS release2 for Fairphone 2


Hello @mal any news about Sailfish 4.3? And btw maybe the topic title should be changed :wink:

There is always a new topic for each release so this should not be used anymore. The topic for 4.2.0 release has the latest information about 4.3.0 development, although I am planning on adding another comment there later today when I have time.

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