🇬🇧 🇫🇷 Strange behaviours with SFOS on FP2

Hello !

I’m creating a new topic to avoid clogging the OS release topic
I have some strange behaviours with the system installed on a FP2 (it went without problems, months ago)
I was on a old SFOS version since the beggining and updated to this one since I didn’t received some sms messages. Found it may not be the OS but a problem with the french mobile operator I had, Free mobile.
(info here: Le Fairphone 2 fonctionne-t-il en France? )
This operator uses mostly some frequencies that FP2 doesn’t support.
I changed my operator, two times in a row for another.
I am now on Bouygutel network which seems equally less worse as Orange as the link says, on a “frequency support” basis.
It has drawbacks as it doesn’t go through many buildings apparently. I’ll probably change again, but let’s consider the case when I’m correctly connected to the operator network:

I still miss some sms text (~ 1 out of 8-10), mostly from one friend because I exchange many more sms with her than the others, but I probably miss texts from the others too …

When I say “miss sms” they never get to my phone, even many days later.
And sometimes, I received mixed messages, the start is the last message sent, but the end of sms is words from a previous message, received or not ! I really don’t get it

I’d like to know if you have some ideas about this, some hints, could it be the phone ? The sms app (it closes itself sometimes, without sending the message I wrote) ? The sms app from the sender ?
I was wondering if the sender is sending sms from the “GSM SMS feature” or sometimes using data as Signal or other messaging app uses (I don’t have any) but that’s not easy to test and it should not be random:
For example, this morning I received two messages from this friend asking me if I received the previous one, which she sent again … WHY ?

Does someone have such problems, from France or somewhere else (which could help to eliminate the operator’s fault) ?

Thank you !

Edit: j’ai écrit en anglais pour avoir un maximum de réponses, mais s’il y a des personnes qui souhaitent que j’explique en français, vu que ça concerne pê les opérateurs FR, je peux le faire

I don’t use sailfish, so I really don’t know why this happens. Maybe you could try reinstalling sailfish, reverting back to the previous version or even try another OS.

I had a look at the link, and it seems to me just Free has a bad network coverage (I use Free, I can confirm), but the Fairphone 2 still supports 2 bands out of the 3 used.

I would say Sailfish or its SMS app. Something could have been gone wrong with the update.

No, such a feature require that both phones have the app (in the first case google’s Messages app, and in the second Signal).

Honestly, I doubt this is on the operator’s side, I haven’t ever seen this problem before, and using Free I never had this problem (well, yes, I already received messages not in the right order, but always received all of them).

Thanks for your answer.
To explain better (in french, sorry for the others) here is the first link which made me incriminate Free: Avertissement et conseil aux abonnés Free Mobile qui souhaiteraient acheter un nouveau téléphone. - Liens en vrac de sebsauvage (sebsauvage) It may not be accurate, not right or not concerning everyone (depending on the area ?)
I was moslty thinking of the couple operator+FP2 's fault, not all to the operator as I didn’t had any issues with other & older smartphones.

I really had an improvement between moving from Free to Telecoop (Orange network), I just couldn’t keep Telecoop for financial reasons.

I’ll try reinstalling SFOS, not sure how I’ll do that (can’t make adb work anymore for instance) I’ll do researches :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, the best shot would be SFOS bug I hope I’ll be able to fix with a reinstall

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Sailfish doesn’t use adb at so that is not the way to connect to the device to debug. I can send you instructions how to update the a newer version of Sailfish to see if that helps, it’s currently in final stages of testing before I make a release of it. I think upgrading to newer version is more likely to fix issues than reinstallation but cannot be sure. I assume you updated to newer version using the required intermediate steps mentioned in the link in that update topic you linked? Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t notice the topic for some reason.

I remember having issues on some phone a long time ago (5+ years ago, I forgot which phone I used back then) that I didn’t receive SMS messages from some people. Back then I assumed it was related to roaming because the other people were using foreign SIM cards and I think I might have used one also. I don’t remember having any issues since I moved to a different country.

Thank you for the answer, and no worries, I didn’t want to bother you with all problems it could have, you already do a great job porting and maintaining SFOS.

For adb I thought I used it to flash it the first time, but I just re-read the doc, it was fastboot to install TWRP, my bad. (:

I updated with OTA method with the intermediate step version yes, it went well for both steps.
I may reset the phone’s data & apps completely to be sure it doesn’t come from them ? I only have the emoji keyboard app which could interfere with the messaging app I think.

For the lost sms texts problem, I posted links which incriminate some french operators because of the frequencies used are unsupported by the FP2 (on a hardware level), but if FP2 was totally unusable on any french operators we probably would have heard of it !
I seem to be the only one having these problems on 3 different operators networks.

If you think the new version can fix this, I could try :slight_smile:

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