[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Unofficial LineageOS 21 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+

Thanks to all loyal FP3/3+ LineageOS users. It took a lot of time to get this out but finally here it is, I present to you the first build of LineageOS 21 running Android 14 for Fairphone 3/ Fairphone 3+.

Special thanks to @Ankit_Siddhapura for his support in fixing a few critical issues.

It was late this time due to the new Trunk Stable model of Android which is making survival of legacy devices very difficult.

If you would like to express your thanks to me by means of hard currency, please visit my Ko-Fi page: TeamB58 .

Regarding the summary of what’s working and what’s not, well everything is working fine at the moment. You tell me incase something isn’t.

Please test and report if you find any other strange issues.

Here’s the download link: AndroidFileHost link

Looking forward to all of your feedback and suggestions.



Iv go for it, love the LineageOS. Thx :pray:

Hi TeamB58,

thank you very much for your work!
I was wondering if somebody will do that work again and I’m glad somebody did it.
Do you plan to officially release this version via lineageos downloads?
I don’t like to do any experiments on my device, but if there is an official support, I will spend you a coffee for sure :wink:

Thx again

You are just great TeamB58,

Thank you for ensuring that FP3 not only lives on, but continues to evolve!

:pray: :ok_hand:

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Thank you for all the work you’ve put into it! What you do is very important and appreciated. Unfortunately i don’t have a spare device for testing (yet), but if that changes i’ll check it out.

Yes yes. Right after https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/hudson/+/386717 gets merged I shall submit for official release.

Just thought of checking if anyone can volunteer to test and see if we have any major issues before we go official. That’s the reason for this unofficial build :slight_smile:



I’m running my own build on my daily driver, based on the very same source code, and can confirm that all runs smoothly: Great work! Thank you so much!!

Just to give another heads up, this is now merged but we are way behind in vendor SPL. So, let’s wait a few more days for next MR release and we should all be ready.

Thank you very much for helping validate it. This should be enough for us to go official. We still have a few buffer days. If you face any issues we can try and address it before release.


Will LineageOS 21 fix the problems with wifi not automatically reconnecting? This is an issue with the official Fairphone Android 13 ROM and with LineageOS 20.
Since the kernel on LOS 21 is still the same, I am afraid, it will not fix it.

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At some point, it was figured out that it is mostly an issue with Fritzbox Routers, but it remains open. It is a bit annoying.
With other Routers I dont experience it.

I don’t use Fritzbox devices, all my routers and APs are running OpenWrt on Linksys, TP-Link and Ubiquiti hardware.

Its official! Thanks to all who make this possible.

Please follow-up in the new topic

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