Official LineageOS 21 for Fairphone 3/3+

After testing the unofficial 21 version for quite some time, we are finally ready to go official.

Thanks and special mention to @Ankit_Siddhapura and @fwg-cag for the continuous support and help throughout so far.

Let’s collect and discuss any potential issues, blockers and feature requests(from device side) in this topic. Use Official bugreport channel to report bugs.

Few important notes:

  • Android 4.9 kernel is really too old and might not survive another update. We shall try our best.
  • Update to proprietary blobs and firmware files shall happen as soon as there is a new FPOS release.

Here are the collection of relevant external links:

Thanks to all users for your support. Hope to really see you all soon with LineageOS 22!



Thanks you very very much for all your hard work <3 <3 <3

Dear @TeamB58: Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to maintain LineageOS and ensure a sustainable path for FP3/FP3+! Please continue to make it to LineageOS 22 as well :pray:

PS for those looking for it: Under LineageOS with Micro-G or other forks including Micro-G, most banking apps will work with the fingerprint sensor if Google SafetyNet is enabled.

btw did i miss sth or isn’t there a download option for 21? i only see build for 20 over here: LineageOS Downloads

I guess it will be built on wednesday, as usual.

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The built arrived… I would just need time to install it.

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Upgraded my phone this afternoon, no apparent problems so far, let’s see, if the wifi behaves better than with stock OS or LOS 20.

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I’m using LineageOS 20 since the beginning on my FP3+ and happy that you keep that work for this old device. Only with regular patched software the “keep old mobiles running” concept works!

Very nice job, guys!

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updated mine too, works fine so far <3

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Upgraded to 21 without issues. OK, Installation of gapps crashed, but I simply sideloaded it again and it worked fine.

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Thanks for the great work, the upgrade was successful (I always use sideloading)
Unfortunately the WLAN bug is still there (no reconnect in standby)

Thank you for your work guys!
I noticed one big issue, whenever the media-controlls become visible in the quicksettings/Notification area I experience a MASSIVE FPS-Drop to like 5-10fps and like 1 second input-lag. Since I use my phone a lot for media playback that issue is starting to grind my gears pretty bad.

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Can confirm that on my device as well. The media player notification got changed slightly in android 14, it seems to use different animations. Right now, its not possible to disable these animations individually, just device-wide animations through accessability settings. I’m not sure though if these animations are the main reason for the lag.

Thank you vey much @TeamB58 for keeping on supporting this device for so long! Your work is very much appreciated, enjoy that coffee :slight_smile:

Upgrade went painless, as usual.

Many thanks for this. Ive been using lineageOS on my fairphone 2 since I know its on the later android OS

My fairphone 3 however is still on stock firmware, does anyone know if fairphone Devs have stopped developing for the stock firmware now and it being beneficial to move to lineageOS now?

No, they haven’t. Or have you read any announcement regarding this?


End of life was planned for august 2024. they posted in x about moving the deadline to 2026:


Can someone confirm this? Would be a major blocker for me.