Official LineageOS 21 for Fairphone 3/3+

Well, if you want the newer Android (14) on your fp3 you can switch to LineageOS 21 as I am running it.
Additional advantage: the fingerprint sensor is working fine!


Since upgrading to LOS 21, I can’t set different notification sounds (email, calendar, SMS…)
I always hear the standard sound, does it work on your phones?

I did a quick test with a user-app (non-stock-app), works fine for me.

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Ok, my email and SMS Programs are also 3rd Party ones, but thanks for checking

Have you made a bug report, was it solved?

I thought this was already reported because LOS20 had the same issues (was a bit less laggy but still laggy) according to the LOS20 thread, if I remember correctly. I will check soon & report if it’s not reported already.

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