Ringtone issues

Hi all,
Just got FP2 and don’t seem to be able to sort a ringtone out for my phone. I don’t want a song or anything, just a regular ringtone like I had for my FP1 but can’t find any anywhere.
Can you help?

If I understand you correctly you are simply searching for:
Settings > Sound & notification > Phone ringtone

Correct but I can’t find any ringtones in there…is there not a bank of tones? Also, need tones for messages and whatsapps…tones for everything!

There must be something wrong with your software then. You could try to update/reinstall the most recent software via the updater app. That should install ringtones as well.

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OK thanks. I’ve gone to updater and it says I’m up to date, how do I uninstall then reinstall the software? Will this not totally reset my phone?

Updating or reinstalling the OS usually doesn’t delete any apps or user data, but still it’s a good idea to have a backup first.

Go to the Updater and enter Advanced mode. There you can reinstall the OS.

OK done that but same problem persists. Do I need to uninstall the software first before reinstalling?

I just received my Fairphone 2, had it updated to the newest version and it had ringtones. Next step was to install Fairphone Open and there are no ringtones. Settings are asking if I want to perform the action via Amaze or “Medienspeicher”, folder /sdcard/Alamrs, Notifications, Ringtones are all empty.
@terson, are you also using Fairphone Open?

Sorry, forget that one. I picked “Medienspeicher” and got the list of tones as with the standard Android system. All well for me. Apperently they are stored in /system/media/audio/ringtones.


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