Returning a Fairphone


I am wondering if other people are having trouble trying to return a Fairphone 2 which is just not working properly.

I have had a number of problems, including the main mic stopping working. I’ve been offered a new module but given the various issues I’ve had I feel like I should be entitled to a refund as this phone just does not meet reasonable expectations - especially for a product that costs hundreds of euros.

I was initially told it was very dubious that I would be allowed to return the phone for a refund. My request was passed on to head office and I have heard nothing for three days. The consumer complaints team say there is nothing more they can do, and they can give no promises at all on when I might expect to hear back.

I’m just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and whether they were ultimately able to get their money back. I’m not sure what the consumer law is here - in the UK if a device is obviously faulty you can choose either a repair or a refund, but I don’t know if there’s an EU-wide equivalent…

Any advice is welcomed!


Obviously I didn’t return my phone to get a refund, otherwise I wouldn’t be here anymore, but did you buy your FP directly at or via a reseller? Because passing on the request to the head office doesn’t sound like a thing FP support would do since they are already the head office.

I bought it directly from The customer support say they can’t make a decision and it has to be passed on to head office who cannot be emailed or called directly.

@paulakreuzer Do you know about this? I’ve never heard about the support having to pass on something.
@SoniaE apparently, I can’t help you, sorry… :confused:

Yeah I think that’s normal.
AFAIK support only handles repairs and (module) replacements and if you’re not clearly entitled to a refund according to the returns pollicy then they have to send the request on one level higher (to the legal department or who knows where).

I think you’ll have to be a bit more patient than that.

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It is frustrating when it’s your only phone and there is not even a timeline on when you will hear back :unamused:

But I also just want to hear back from anyone else as to what the hopes of success are. I’m holding out on buying a new phone because I’m hoping to get a refund. But maybe others will be able to tell me if I’m wasting my time waiting and hoping for a happy result!

If you want to return it then you’ll need to get a new phone anyways. If you just want it fixed the “normal” support team can help you with that (an calling them usually helps to speed things up).

Well like @Stanzi’s first reply suggested people who successfully returned their FPs will probably not hang around in this forum, so you won’t hear from them.

I don’t know how FP handles requests for returns if they feel a module replacement would fix your issue(s).

Well, I don’t easily have access to hundreds of pounds for multiple smartphones at once… So it makes sense to wait for a refund if I can so I don’t have to borrow extra money.

I’ll post what the result is here at least, for anyone else also wondering about this question.


In Germany the manufacturer has the right to repair the device; if he fails with that, you have the right to get a refund. This regulation should be similar in the Netherlands.


@Heiner That’s helpful, thanks!

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My situation is different as I have returned the disply module to be repaired or replaced, but I am also disappointed in the time it takes and the lack of communication:
-Weeks of waiting for the green light to send the phone…
-Now I have sent it 12 days ago and haven’t heard anything at all, not even a confirmation that the parcel has been received…
I love the Fairphone concept and philosopy, but there is room for improvement in terms of customer service!


I also had problems with my new FP2.
I got it jan 29 and noticed that the battery didn’t last for more than 1/2 a day.
In support I got the advice of rebooting, loading and reloading again.
As nothing helped I got a new battery 9 Mar.
The battery was not the solution, still going down fast.
17 Mar. I could return it for checking.
24 Mar. I got the instructions to return the FP2.
29 Mar. I got an answer from the support that the repair proces was started.
30 Mar. I got the answer, it was a problem with the motherboard. And it was replaced.
31 Mar. I got the FP2 home, and problem solved.
You see it took some time, communications are slow, but when at the right place the repair is fast.
greetings, Obelips


My Fairphone2 has had three replacement microphones during warranty period and fourth one has now failed.

Inadequate support from supplier who insist on me still going through same flawed procedure again.

I have bought a second hand HTC M9 for half cost of Fair phone and am using it now, I feel cheated and deceived by marketing.

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So, I got the reply from Fairphone. They say that since I’m outside the 14-day cooling off period they will not accept a return.

I’ve decided that I have spent enough time on this, so I’m going to give up and buy a new phone. I had the Fairphone 1 and really liked it, so I’m very disappointed in how many faults the FP2 phone has developed, and how unhelpful customer support have been.

I would not get a Fairphone again and if anyone is considering buying one, I’d advise against it.

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